How to Launch Security Token Offering?-Crypto App Factory

  • Security tokens are finding its place in Crypto and advisors around the world have started offering security token offering advisory services.STO can be considered as the new ICO or IPO.
    A Security token performs the same function as conventional security, except that it confirms ownership through blockchain transactions and also make fractional ownership possible. Security tokens are subject to federal laws that govern securities, protecting investors on some levels. Security tokens are programmable. Since these securities are tokenized on a blockchain,”smart contracts” can make them act in a certain way, without the use of a third party.

    Security Token Benefits:
    Issuance of security tokens under Regulation A+.Regulation D, Regulation S and Regulation Crowdfunding also tends to be significantly cheaper and faster, than conducting Initial Public Offerings (IPO). Tokens classified as securities tend to provide investors with another option of generating dividends as well as Profits and voting rights as in the case with owning Shares of Publicly traded companies.
    Cost Effective:
    Unlike other financial models for investing, security tokens come with Zero administrative costs of buying and selling. Reduced costs essentially allow people to generate a substantial amount of returns on investments.
    The Process of buying and selling security tokens to accredited investors also tends to be a little bit fast thanks to automation of knows your customer, AML Checks and Liquidity.
    Global Trading Capability:
    Security tokens tend to enjoy high levels of liquidity as they are eligible for trading on the global scene, allowing for anyone around the world to access them. Acceptance as financial instruments as well as increased adoption has also helped bolster liquidity levels.
    24/7 Trading:
    Ability to trade security tokens any time or day also makes them highly desirable to other traditional models that are a time constraint.

    How to Launch?
    There are different regulations like Reg S, Reg D, Reg A+, and Reg CF that govern the STOs, with each regulation having its own protocol.
    Reg S facilitates the non-US companies to raise funds from the US investors, subject to them satisfying the statutory requirements of their jurisdiction.

    Reg D defines annual offer limits and the kind of investors who can be solicited the STO. Rule 506 of Reg D defines no limits in annual funds raised but is limited to accredited investors, although one of the sections has permissions for sophisticated and non-accredited investors, capped at 35. Sec 504 of Reg D limits the annual funds raised at $5 million but is open to all kinds of investors.
    Reg A+ is in place to facilitate the raising of funds of less than $50 million from non-accredited investors and $20 million from individual willing to invest, irrespective of their investor-status. Since one of the requirements for Reg A+ two years’ financial statements, this can be expected to turn out as bliss for established companies requiring secondary levels of funds. Also, unlike Reg D, there are no restrictions on the resale of the tokens.
    Reg CF, as the abbreviation implies, helps startups crowdfund their investments, capped at US$1.07 million. Also, Reg CF mandates a 12-month lock period on secondary trading. While this might seem like a deterrent, the possibility of anyone investing and reaping the funds makes it a welcome avenue for small scale investors.

    Security Token Offering Services:
    Security Token Development: We develop tokens and give them a robust disposition using avant-garde technology. The usage is rendered seamless and it gives you surety of faster and safer transactions no matter which wallet you use.
    STO Exchange Platform: An exchange platform is a must for every kind of digital asset. Therefore, we make it integral so you face no issues offering your token to customers; it enables them to exchange the token anywhere.
    Blockchain based Product Development: All our Products are created over blockchain so their security cannot be compromised, it is ensured by adhering to a stringent regime.With this technology,your offering gets a more secure disposition altogether.
    Equity Token Offering Development: This gives your token an equal measure of productivity to your Project as well as token holders. It gives out maximum value to each holder with legal backing of assets which make it rewarding for everyone.