Mercatox Exchange - Cyptocurrency exchange Platform (News and Update)

  • About MERCATOX
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    We would like to present universal market platform

    It is a unique creation in the world of digital money, based on multi-language platform. It combines automated trading, payment service, Peer-to-Peer sharing based on "smart contracts" and many other features.

    We are planning to provide not just a service with different abilities, but create a new financial market in the digital world.

    Nowadays we surrounded by different kinds and types of electronic money systems. We connected them all on a single platform.

    About MERCATOX and our plans

    • Mercatox is a modern service for accessing e-currency and cryptocurrency exchange markets. Mercatox is convenient and advantageous platform for trade, exchange of various currencies, which can be used by both experienced traders as well as beginners.

    • Lending traders. Mercatox will allow traders to raise funds for margin by trading on the stock exchange as well as for investors to invest and earn income on the loan.

    • E-wallet with a wide range of payment instruments for personal and commercial use.

    • Trading platform for commercial partnerships for the franchise within the «White Label» format

    • Peer-to-peer exchange of electronic currencies, where users can exchange any digital title signs (all the world banks, payment systems, virtual, gaming, cryptocurrency and more). Transactions on P2P exchange are done through the service secure transactions via Mercatox or smart contracts Ethereum, bypassing the platform wallets.

    There are following features available at the moment :

    – Trading on the Exchange using most popular currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Payeer, PerfectMoney, OkPay, Ya.Money, Dogecoin, Dash (more to be added)

    – 3 types of orders: Limit, Market, Stop

    – Security Settings; Two step authorization; white IP addresses list

    – E-Wallet Read more

    • Merchant API and Public API for developers

    MERCATOX Benefits:

    Two level affiliate program
    Loyalty Program
    Low Rates
    MERCATOX crowdfunding campaign

    The campaign started on November 20th and it ran for 30 days. We offered 5% of MERCA digital securities for sale during this campaign, which represent platform stakes of

    MERCATOX crowdfunding campaign is now finished! Сrowdfunding campaign results

    What does “MERCA” stand for?

    "MERCA" (digital signs MERCATOX) - is a share of MERCATOX income. Read more

    Development strategy:
    1 portion (part of the exchange platform):

    stage 1

    Exchange of digital currency
    User account protection tools
    affiliate program
    Various types of orders
    stage 2

    margin trading
    professional tools for traders
    API for developers (Trade API, Public API, Merchant API)
    Part of payment service functions (electronic wallet, internal transfers between users and other features of the wallet for private use)
    2 portion (the complex of the platform):

    stage 1

    completion of an e-wallet for commercial use (payment gateway functions)
    development of functional MERCATOX trading platform for the introduction of third-party services
    stage 2

    The development of a decentralized P2P sharing exchange any digital currency, with the function of secure transactions by the Guarantor (MERCATOX platform) and with the help of "smart contracts" based on blockchain
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  • Bitcoin Turbo Koin (BTK) swap
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    Dear Users,

    BTK token successfully migrated from ERC20 to its own blockchain.

    Bitcoin Turbo Koin (BTK) blockchain explorer is

    Swap process successfully completed. Trades are already opened.

    Good luck in the forthcoming trades.


  • HedgeTrade (HEDG) Swap
    alt text

    Dear Users,

    HEDG team has initiated swap procedure.
    We do not support this swap.

    For further instructions and communication with the developers, use the following links:

    Good luck in the forthcoming trades.


  • Scheduled system maintenance

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    Dear users!
    Due to planned system maintenance, our service will be unavailable for users from 8-00 till 14-00 (GMT) April, 18.
    We apologize for any inconvenience that might be caused by this.
    Thank you for staying with us.
    Mercatox team

  • Twitter account suspension

    Dear users
    Please be informed that our account was automatically blocked by Twitter.
    We are negotiating with Twitter Support at the moment.
    And sent several requests to them already.
    We receive the same standard automatic answer responses to our appeal stating which have pointed out some general things related with active reposts of our news.
    We do not agree with these reasons and continue to conduct further negotiations with them.
    Please follow our news, as soon as something changes, we will inform you.
    With concern for our users.
    Mercatox Team

  • This post is deleted!

  • Litecoin Token (LTK) market added
    Dear users!

    Litecoin Token (LTK) added to the listing.

    LTK/TUSD market is available for trading

    alt text

    Litecoin Token (LTK) contract address is

    Good luck in the forthcoming trades.


  • This post is deleted!

  • ARAW (ARAW) market added

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    Dear users!

    ARAW (ARAW) added to the listing.

    ARAW/BTC market is available for trading.

    ARAW (ARAW) contract address is

    Good luck in the forthcoming trades.


  • WooshCoin (XWO) swap

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    Dear Users,

    Due to the swap, we previously stopped trading, turned off deposits and withdrawals. Today, not cancelled orders will be cancelled.

    According to the terms of the swap, old coins will be replaced with new ones at the rate of 10:1.

    After the swap completes today, Mercatox will open trading for XWO.

    WooshCoin (XWO) token new contract -

    Please pay your attention and send only that XWO tokens to your deposit address.

    We do not accept deposits with the old contract address.

    Good luck in the forthcoming trades.

  • ThoreNext (THX) market added

    alt text

    Dear users!

    ThoreNext (THX) added to the listing.

    THX/BTC and THX/ETH markets are available for trading.

    ThoreNext (THX) contract address is

    Good luck in the forthcoming trades.