Security Token Marketing

  • Security Token Offerings or STOs are all the rage nowadays and for good reason. This form of raising business capital is garnering interest from investors and entrepreneurs alike because it emphasizes on factors such as trust and reliability. STOs, adhere to a strict set of regulations that are aimed at protecting the interests of both the entrepreneur and investor.

    STO marketing refers to the process of promotion for a project using Security Token Offering as a means to raise funds. This process involves a variety of steps and they have been mentioned below:

    • The preliminary stages involve market research, fund allocation and identifying potential customers.

    • This is followed by developing an elaborate white paper that covers and highlights the different aspects of your project.

    • Next, the entrepreneur will list the project on an STO listing where it will be reviewed by the community.

    • To attract investors, events and programs will be organized to generate awareness around the STO.

    • Social media and email marketing will be employed to reach a larger audience of investors. Alternatively, this method will also allow investors to follow the progress of the projects.

    • Influencers can be hired to popularize the project. Alternatively, entrepreneurs can make use of SEO techniques and advertising to reach target audiences.

    While the above list is not exhaustive and involves a lot more steps, the whole process of STO marketing may seem intimidating to the entrepreneur. Fortunately, there are many companies that provide marketing services for your STO project. Blockchain App Factory is a leading and trusted company that offers premium STO marketing solutions that makes your project stand out from the crowd. Through an experienced team of experts and access to investor networks, Blockchain App Factory helps give your STO a competitive advantage.