The Tokenization of Everything

  • Right from the times of Aristotle to Newton to Einstein to Feynman, ‘everything’ has always been a constant quest. There is no phenomenon across the different periods of history that has been spared from this endeavor. Talking about the world of the tokenization, it has been through its share of crests and troughs in its progress towards engulfing everything.

    2017 and 18 - The ICO Duo

    The years 2017 and 2018 were seen as the year of Initial Coin Offerings, with the first quarter of 2018 alone accounting for more than $6 Billion in ICOs. However, with increasing instances of bad players absconding and going off the radars with the collected cash, ICOs have never been able to recover from the blows it suffered.

    Nevertheless, the ‘abstract’ backing of the ICOs have given way to a more tangible backing without compromising on the advantages like cutting of middlemen and security. STOs or Security Token Offerings have been able to almost-conclusively solve the problem of abstract backing that ICOs had been suffering from.

    STOs, call us to understand what tokenization is in the first place. Tokenization is splitting a tangible asset into multiple digital tokens in a representative form which signifies either ownership or access to a physical or a digital asset. While securitization based on which the stock market is created has already addressed this issue of splitting big tangible assets into smaller units, it also presents a problem of middlemen like brokers who increase the cost of acquisition. Tokens, on the other hand, cut down on these costs as well.

    What All Can Be Tokenized?

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    Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive data with unique identification symbols that retain all the essential information about the data without compromising its security. HighBank believes that Bitcoin’s dominance will diminish in the future as more players join the crypto marketplace. As a result of its smart contracts capability, Ethereum is now supporting hundreds of cryptos built on its Blockchain. If the number of cryptos launched on Ethereum is anything to go by, then it will continue to be a whole tokenized ecosystem where programmers create interfaces for any conceivable sectors of public and private activities at both individual and organizational levels.

    Moreover, like you pointed out at Article on the end on this topic (What All Can Be Tokenized?) - ''If the private key is lost or breached, then the assets are just gone without a trace.'' Beside thinking only about transaction fees - security is so important! That's why we built a One-Stop Crypto Eco System which is user-friendly, with 20 + security protocols and minimum fees.

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