Bitcoin crowdfunding - New part of the story

  • Now the Crypto market is in decline, but any sane person understands that this industry is already developed enough to just disappear without a trace. I have been active Crypto Intuist for quite a long time, namely since 2013, and have been studying the Blockchain technology and everything connected with it. My team and I have developed an algorithm with which you can create a service for earning Bitcoin (and in the end, other cryptocurrencies) for viewing ads. You can create a large flow of people who will not mind easy earnings of the very Bitcoin that a novice investor needs! And thus a large flow of advertisers. Every day, people review ads for millions of dollars, why not build an ideal financial system on this !? In order to realize all this, start-up investments in advertising and initial payments are necessary. I do not force you to invest all your money in this project, I just suggest to join the creation of history. All who invest in this project receive a lifetime profit as a percentage of how much they invest and how much will be collected in the total. All those who want to participate in the project or have any questions write in a personal or in a comment under this post. Let's make history together!
    My Telegram: @AnsoAnni
    Link to the Bitcointalk English-language source: