Crypto Pulse Closed Beta

  • Dear Red Pulse Community,

    With a new year just beginning, the Red Pulse team is ready to hit the ground running and we’re excited to share with our community that Crypto Pulse is almost ready to be launched. Leading up to the wider public launch later this month, we will be conducting a closed beta and would like to invite our community members to join and help us QA and shape the future of Crypto Pulse.

    Those interested in applying for the closed beta can fill out this form:

    If accepted, members will receive exclusive access to Crypto Pulse and can contribute content during the closed beta, earning PHX, and becoming one of the first to join a community of crypto enthusiasts working towards pushing the industry forward with thoughtful crypto news, research and content.

    What is Crypto Pulse?

    Crypto Pulse is a new product from Red Pulse that will be focused on breaking news and research content for crypto markets. Members will be able to view and contribute market-moving signals (Pulses), technical analysis, and in-depth reports on cryptocurrencies and ICO projects. For more information, please view our full announcement from last year:

    Introducing Crypto Pulse

    Crypto Pulse on Twitter

    We’ve also opened up a new Twitter account for Crypto Pulse. Please follow us at for the latest news and updates.

    Crypto Pulse (@rp_crypto_pulse) | Twitter

    Also be sure to follow our main Twitter account at for updates on everything Red Pulse and PHX, as well as for a feed of China market research updates.

    Thanks again for continuing to support Red Pulse, and we’re looking forward to seeing you on Crypto Pulse soon.

    Best Regards,
    Sombat Southivorarat
    Head of Marketing and Crypto Pulse

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