End of the Year Progress Update

  • Dear Zeepiners,

    Wish you a happy new year in advance!

    In the past four months, thanks to the endeavors of Zeepin team and the contributions from our community members around the globe, Zeepin Chain has been in stable operation, and the underlying technology has been continuously upgrading. We have full confidence that the standardized infrastructure of ZEEPIN will become increasingly powerful, and, as our mission puts, inspire passion into creation. Looking forward, a flourishing year for ZEEPIN can be expected with more creative solutions to come, which is sure to better facilitate the spreading of creative assets.

    The Status of Zeepin MainNet

    Zeepin MainNet was officially launched at the end of August and has been upgraded to version 0.2.0 currently. According to ZEEPIN’s blockchain explorer ZeeScan.io, the MainNet reached block height 429621, with 111938 transactions completed, 81277 ZeeWallet addresses created, and 25 nodes in operation by Dec.25th. Nearly 40 million ZPTs has been staked in the nodes selection campaign.

    The initial batch of 13 nodes will gradually be in place and become Consensus Nodes. The nodes setup is in process and is estimated to complete next week.

    As the Galaxy Node governance begins, we sincerely welcome your suggestions and comments to make the network of Zeepin more stable and healthy with the power of community consensus.

    Update to WASM virtual machine & new smart contract standard published

    Since Dec.19th, Zeepin Chain MainNet has been upgraded to version 0.2.0. The new version uses WASM virtual machine to compile smart contracts. We decided to use the WASM due to the following reasons:

    • High performance: WASM adopts binary coding and has superior performance during program execution;* Low storage cost: Binary encoded text requires much less storage space than text format* Multi-language support: Smart contracts can be written in multiple programming languages such as C/C++/RUST and compiled into bytecode in WASM format.

    Also, with the update of WASM virtual machine, we have published GCP-10 and GCP-30 — — new standard protocols for token and NFT (non-fungible token). The new smart contract is now in an official function. Various contract standards and compilers will be added to our Github repository one after another.

    You can find the compiled files of various operating systems on our Github:


    The Java SDK for the new version of Zeepin Chain has also been updated:


    Building ZEEPIN’s Dev Community

    At ZEEPIN, we define our values as design-thinking, geek-inspired and community-driven, with goals to bring together worldwide innovators to establish a distributed creative network. Next year, we will make more efforts in building our dev community, facilitating a smoother integration of the creativity side and the development side to support the whole ecosystem and serve the creative industries.

    Thus, we would like to invite blockchain and technology enthusiasts to join the ZEEPIN dev community and participate in our dApp development. You will not only get a chance to cooperate with us in cutting-edge development work but will be eligible for generous rewards. If you are interested in joining our dev community team, please contact our developer Michael: [email protected]

    dAPP Progress

    We are working hard to lower barriers so as to drive R&D on blockchain-related applications and industries, such as efforts to rolling out standards, building infrastructure that can run various applications. ZeeWallet and CryptoGalaxy will present themselves as convincingly real use cases to inspire developers, creators and whoever ready to take on a new challenge to transform their passion into working products.


    As you may know, any application, in particular, blockchain-based applications, intending for hitting Apple Store must go through rigorous review by Apple. That’s why we are proud to announce the launch of ZeeWallet in App Store, which has added up to the credibility and goodwill of ZEEPIN. In addition, it’s more than ready to get more people to know ZeeWallet, access and use ZeeWallet. Users can now download and upgrade ZeeWallet from Apple Store.


    CryptoGalaxy is now available in Google Play for all space explorers on Android. From now on, users can directly upgrade the game in Google Play.

    In addition, ZEEPIN is now live on DeltaDirect and Blockfolio — the two most popular cryptocurrency portfolio management apps, through which users can receive all the latest ZPT updates directly from Zeepin team. This will strengthen our team’s interaction with ZPT investors and community members.

    We will keep you in a dark about other dApp development for now but you can expect much news from us in the beginning of the 2019.


    On December.13th, ZEEPIN’s Co-founder and Chief Strategic Officer Shenbi Xu was invited to speak about Empowering the creative industry through block-chain powered solutions at School of Humanities, Tongji University (one of the top universities in China),Karl introduced to the students basic blockchain knowledge, and shared ZEEPIN’s exploration and use cases in copyright protection and transaction.

    Again, we appreciate your trust and support in 2018. More good news will be released soon, stay tuned! Let’s keep creating.

    Zeepin team


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