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    TheCryptoUpdates is starting its official Bounty Program to reward supporters who help TheCryptoUpdates reach out to more people on the internet.

    ”The Griffex community truly believes in decentralization and would continue to support and promote similar initiatives by in the future, as well for a long-term partnership. It's all about decoding and acknowledging that Media house like TheCryptoUpdates are pivotal in uniting like-minded people who can discuss, innovate and Inform the world the limitless opportunities and benefits of blockchain and other disruptive technologies.”

    Total Bounty Pool will be divided as follows:

    • Twitter Campaign – 33.33% - 33,333 GFX
    • Telegram Campaign - 33.33% - 33,333 GFX
    • Facebook Campaign -33.33% - 33,333 GFX


    Tokens depending on followers (at the start of campaign):

    • 250 – 4999 followers: 200 GFX ($2/week)
    • 5000 – 9999 followers: 400 GFX  ($4/week)
    • 10000+ followers: 500 GFX  ($5/week)


    • You must have at least 250 followers. If you have been rejected due to less than 250 followers, do not attempt to resend your application with updated followers. It will be denied.
    • Have to follow TheCryptoUpdates on Twitter :- https://twitter.com/TheCryptoUpdat1
    • Your Twitter audit score must be at least 85%
    • Twitter followers count will not be updated after registration
    • Must make minimum 1 original tweet per week and 1 retweets. Do not retweet tweets that are older than 4 days. It will not be counted.
    • You must use our hashtag: #thecryptoupdates #cryptocurrency and tag @TheCryptoUpdat1. If its an original tweet


    Format to post your work

    Week #1

    	Bitcointalk name:
    	Twitter Profile Link = 

    Subscribe to our Telegram Channel - 100 GFX ($1/week)
    Avatar/Picture profile and Add TheCryptoUpdates.
    Make one positive comment every two day.

    Telegram: https://t.me/thecryptoupdatesofficial


    • Only one reward per Telegram user per IP.
    • You must be active in the Telegram Channel at least once per week. If you are inactive, we reserve the right to remove you from the telegram Campaign.
    • Using multiple accounts, cheating, or spamming are not allowed and will result in termination of your bounty stakes.
    • Posting links or information to other projects or businesses will result in a ban and earnings forfeited.
    • We reserve right to make some changes to any rule or rules of this campaign anytime.
    • Must maintain a healthy attitude in the channel and abusive languages will not be tolerated and will lead to instant ban from the channel and disqualification from the campaign.


    You must like,share and post at least 2 posts weekly, which will give you 200 GFX per week ($2/week).


    • Have at at least 300 friends
    • Make privacy settings open for your page
    • For Additional reward worth 100 GFX join the facebook group Click Here


    Format to post your work

    Week #1

    	Bitcointalk name:
    	Facebook Link =