[ BOUNTY ] 🌶️ chiliZ $250,000 Bounty 🌶️ Crowd-Manage your Favorite Teams

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    A digital currency for sports & Esports entertainment platforms, adoptable universally across other industries.

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    What is chiliZ?

    chiliZ is a currency which fuels blockchain projects & platforms geared towards mainstream consumers beginning with Socios, a fan empowerment platform where fans can acquire voting rights with their favourite teams. Socios has already partnered with Juventus and Paris Saint Germain.

    The Socios platform will be powered by the CHZ token, and fan tokens will be offered through 'Fan Token Offerings' when the platform goes live. chiliZ recieved investment from some of the biggest names in the crypto world, for example, Binance, FBG Capital, OK Blockchain Capital & more.

    Socios.com, the platform chiliZ powers

    chiliZ, powering Socios.com, gives sports and esports fans the ability to crowd-manage their favorite teams, games, leagues and events.
    By 2020, we anticipate a sports & esports landscape that is not only shaped by what games, teams and leagues draw the highest audiences,
    but by those who can most effectively activate and monetise that audience by putting their fan-base in the driving seat.

    It’s called radical fan engagement

    A universal sports and esports ‘crowd-control’ engine capable of giving fans voting rights to guide their some of their favourite teams’ management and strategy decisions. Any league, any team and any game, realised with blockchain technology.


    Our motivation: To turn the world’s billions of sports, Esports and gaming fans from spectators into influencers.

    Features of the Socios Platform include: Football Team Influence, Esports Team Influence, Influencer Guidance, Brand & Events Influence, and Other Sports Verticals

    (Tokenized voting rights in teams to be announced in additional game areas Cricket, Baseball, F1 etc)


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    What are the Tasks?


    The last day to enter is December 16, 2018 11:00 PM EST! Click here to Join the Bounty!

    Keep in mind that all participants will have to undergo a KYC procedure at the end of the bounty to claim tokens

    Who's on the team?

    You can check out our whole team here. However, for you convenience, these are some of the key team members of the chiliZ Team


    Cornerstone Investors


    Business Advisory


    Esports Advisory


    Join our $250,000 Bounty Campaign NOW




  • Thanks you for referral messages. I could only pick one.

  • Join now before it closes on the 16th!

  • I have not joined now yet. you can send me a referral if you want and I sign up
    My this bounty matches my love 😍

  • Thanks for the support guys!

  • You're more than welcome to 🙂 You'll still stand a chance so long as you can keep up with the tasks. We're constantly funneling them in!
    Trying to send as many referrals out where people join will also grant you entry points.
    Please Note that ANY form of Botting/Manipulation will be picked up by our internal systems

  • @chiliz That's a really solid bounty OP! Am I allowed to post referral link in this thread? Also can you explain bounty tiers in more detail, can I join bounty even now and have equal footing against others?