Red Pulse Development Update — 21.11.2018

  • Red Pulse Development Update — 21.11.2018

    This week we have pushed out two major features for the Red Pulse Phoenix platform, including many small updates. The first being the “Company Directory”, a directory of Chinese companies searchable by location, size, exchange, market cap, and revenue. The second major feature is “Watchlist”, which allows you to follow companies and receive customized feeds relevant to those companies.

    Company Directory

    The Company Directory can be accessed by logging into the Red Pulse Phoenix platform and selecting “Company Directory” from the left-hand menu. Companies can be filtered and sorted according to location, size, exchange, market cap, and revenue.

    When clicking on a company, you’ll receive access to further information such as address, website, industry, financials, etc. You’ll also be able to view a list of all Red Pulse content associated with that company.


    When viewing a company, you’ll notice a red “Follow” button on the top right-hand corner. Clicking on will allow you to add the company to a watchlist that will give you a customized feed of all event notes and articles for companies on that list.

    In the near future, we’ll also include the ability to receive an email digest of your watchlists as well. This has been one of the most requested features and will allow our clients to manage multiple watchlists for quick and convenient access to the content most relevant to them.

    Additional Updates

    Along with these two major features, we’ve also pushed up a variety of user experience improvements that include a overhauled UI and codebase optimizations. Later this week we’re also on track to release an improved contributor experience.

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