What can ZEEPIN bring to Zeepiners in Q4?

    1. Zeepin Chain - a drive to nourishing creative industries

    Galaxy nodes selection campaign was smoothly carried out two weeks ago and is now in full swing. Consensus nodes and candidate nodes will come out by the end of this month. With qualified network and hardware facility, all the selected nodes will be integrated into our consensus network. This is just a beginning of Zeepin’s progress to an ecosystem with distributed co-governance.

    In addition, we are developing a product that will be using ZeeRights technology to bring a revolution to a commercial side of the creative market. Not only will this be our first project with a real-life business model, but it will also give power back to creators and will tackle some of the big players in the current market.

    Excited? We are not yet ready to reveal the details but will let you know soon enough.

    2. Working with global talents

    Zeepin is about to start “community collaboration campaign”, in an effort to build up a global team composed of brilliant people from Zeepin community who have faith in Zeepin’s future. We will welcome developers, designers or marketing specialists who are talented and ready to contribute to efforts to the growth and development of Zeepin with open arms.

    To be more specific, we will be working in close collaboration with a globalized service team to extend our service to different local communities including different languages. Going forward, more customized meetups will be held and more resources will be channeled to ZEEPIN to help the world know better about us.

    Meanwhile, a tech-driven community will be built and strengthened as well with a focus on the upgrade of an impressively peer-favored virtual machine-WASM and efforts to the launch of Go language protocol. In addition, we are working hard to write a set of standards that will rule smart contract and planning to submit GCP10 and GCP30 proposals in Github. GCP10 and GCP30 will be serving to issue coins and non-homogeneous assets respectively.

    3. Iteration of dApps with improved user experience

    To fully embrace the meaning of public blockchain and as an answer to wishes from the community, we decided to publish source codes of our dApps to the public, including CryptoGalaxy and ZeeWallet. This way, the community will have all the necessary resources needed to contribute to the improvement and future development of dApps and the ecosystem.

    Unity engine of CryptoGalaxy will be switched into JavaScript. This will engage more developers and players from the tech community into CryptoGalaxy and will allow the development to be carried out more easily.

    4. Rebranding ZEEPIN

    As Zeepin is all about empowering creatives in an innovative way that no one has ever tried before, we always strive for presenting us to the world with an intuitive approach. That’s why we are working on redefining and upgrading our brand, goals, and missions to make sense to everyone. With “Own your creativity” as our tagline, “design-thinking, community-driven and geek-inspired” as our community values, we define the mission of Zeepin “Inspire passion into creation”, and we envision Zeepin as a “decentralized network for creativity and creative assets”. Zeepin is determined to pave the way for blockchain mass adoption in the creative industry by giving the power back to creators and developers. Our products will be open to use for anyone and any business.

    Zeepin advocates a new working style of globally distributed collaboration by providing a flexible blockchain-powered solution to creatives. You can learn more about this from a documentary-Remote Nation, which is solely sponsored by ZEEPIN and will be launching by the end of this year. Remote Nation is directed by Jonathan Ramalho, whose previous work, Designers Inbetween, is on the list of Forbes must-watch documentaries. You will see the diverse lifestyle of freelancers and remote employees from world-renowned remote companies and co-living tribes.

    This documentary echoes Zeepin’s vision to liberating creative professionals from confined workplaces and clunky workflow, gaining more profits and allowing everyone equal access to global talent.

    For any questions about the future of ZEEPIN, join our AMA: https://www.reddit.com/r/ZEEPIN/comments/9wyobh/zeepin_ama_with_founders_zhu_fei_and_shenbi_xu/

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