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  • We audit existing whitepapers and help teams publish new ones. Crypto Soft Malaysia team of blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists also carefully review the conceptual content of a whitepaper versus competitors should we find any potentially questionable content, we offer suggested modifications for keeping your project free of plagiarism charges. A unique whitepaper with certified original content informs potential supporters that a blockchain project is legitimate, high-value and worth considering for the investment.

    Auditing plays an important role in any business but no more so perhaps than in ICO's. Successful ICO's has been they will bring in reputed companies to audit them, which lends them an added element of legitimacy. While ICO's may be adverse to involving big players in the traditional investment market auditing can serve an important purpose in demonstrating your commitment to transparency crucial value in the ICO market.

    We’re a group of passionate blockchain ICO developers dedicated to the success of our clients located in India. We help ICO startup projects every day. In the name of Crypto Soft Malaysia, we speed up our services to build your ICO website or platform with ready-made ICO script or hiring custom ICO development services. We're happy to learn more about your ICO business and we can help you get the most out of business core features.

    We’ve got ready to deploy ICO scripts for your platform/website. Using an ICO script can speed up the website deployment process and increase consistency by integrating important features & add-ons. The best ready made & custom ICO script to meet all needs get the best IT services for ready-made & custom an ICO development. Rather than going for ICO ready-made script, it’s always great to make custom website that reflects your uniqueness where you want to display through custom ICO. Because, we understand that the ready-made ICO script may not suit for all business needs.

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