CryptoGalaxy V1.6 is now LIVE

  • Dear CryptoGalaxy space explorers,

    The long-awaited update of your favorite virtual universe is here with many new functions and features. Let's leave the long lines for another day and get straight to the point.

    Download CryptoGalaxy V1.6:

    So, what is new?

    1. ZPT withdrawals

    You are now able to withdraw your ZPT to your ZeeWallet or exchanges. Gala withdrawals will be enabled at a later stage. Gala withdrawals will be enabled before Gala is listed on an exchange.

    In the initial phase, we will conduct an audit after the user has submitted ZPT withdrawal. Once requested a ZPT withdrawal, you will be able to see the current status of each withdrawal. The audit might take up to a day, we will try to confirm transactions as frequently as possible. After a few weeks of testing, once we ensure stability and security, automatic withdrawals will be opened and there will be no audit required.

    We are already working on providing an extra layer of security for withdrawals in form of PIN code used when users are trying to withdraw their funds. We will release an updated version as soon as it is ready.

    2. P2P planet trading

    Planet owners can now set a price for their precious planet as they see fit and sell it in GalaxyEx to other players. Make sure that you don‘t underestimate the value of your planet!

    Planets available for sale are listed in GalaxyEx, Planets tab

    3. Robot Upgrades

    GalaBot, Grubber, and Whale can now be upgraded up to level 40. Each upgrade is paid in Gala. Upgrade will increase the mining capacity and speed. Your bots will now dig faster and will be able to carry more minerals.

    Speed refers to the max amount of minerals that can be dug in 24 hours. by that specific bot.

    4. Planet filtering

    With more than 350 planets released and conquered so far, the need for planet filtering in »Discover« tab became indispensable. You can now filter the planet list on the basis of price, uniqueness, technology (not working yet), and the number of diggers. Planet search function is planned for the next versions.

    5. Space Exploration

    Since the only way to fully explore the universe is by cruising around in your powerful spaceship, a new rent-a-spaceship place just opened up. You can now rent one of the 3 different kinds of spaceships:

    • Pellaeon Class: rent it for 10 glore minerals. You might find a big bulk of minerals and take them back to your space family.* Star Destroyer: This metallic hydrogen powered rocket will take you on a trip to find a variety of minerals or even Gala floating in the space. The rent is 300 Beryl minerals for a single exploration trip.* Prometheus: by far the most powerful rocket currently available on the market is so advanced that can detect hidden planets in the universe. If you are lucky enough, it will lead you to there to occupy one. A single trip ticket will set you back 100 Sapphire minerals and 100 Gala and can find a planet, Gala or other minerals.

    How can I get a planet through space exploration?

    Gala and minerals consumed by players through space exploration are placed in a pool (minerals are converted by Gala in the background). A new planet is released for every 120.000 Gala placed in a pool (spent through “Find” function). The planet will be rewarded to a lucky explorer using Prometheus spaceship sometime before the Gala pool will reach the next 120.000 Gala.

    Put simply, the chance of finding a planet by using Prometheus space-ship is approximately 1:1000.

    6. The new type of Planet — Nibiru

    Besides Consensus planets, this version will also introduce a less resource-rich kind of planets, called Nibiru.

    The surface on Nibiru planet is made from metal and is not suitable for diggers. All you can do with Nibiru in this version is to keep it as a collectible or try to sell it through GalaxyEx. Niburu planets will also be randomly released through space exploration (“Find” function) while using Prometheus. If you find a Nibiru planet through exploration, don't sell it too fast, who knows what future versions will bring.

    What else is new?

    New planets will now only be released through »Find« function until further notice. Since you are now in charge of the value of your planet, make sure to evaluate it properly before / if you decide to sell it.

    You can check your planet transactions in »Notification« bar.

    To put your planet on the sale list, all the technology upgrades need to be finished.

    To upgrade your robots, you need to stop them from working first.

    Our team is now working on improving the safety of withdrawals by adding 2FA to the game. We will also need to upgrade the game engine to make sure all the planets can be securely stored once the amount of planets increases.

    Enjoy your ride in space,

    ZEEPIN Team










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