A Gig Economy, Part 3 of 3; Contributing to Red Pulse’s Knowledge Sharing Ecosystem.

  • Red Pulse’s research content ecosystem enables Contributors to share in thousands of dollars daily, applying expert knowledge to generate research notes and news, meeting global demand for business insights.

    On October 17, 2018, Red Pulse officially opened the doors to its next generation intelligence platform, Phoenix. Prior to this public opening, all news and research notes generated for the platform on China’s markets were provided internally, by Red Pulse employees. With public applications now being accepted, and dozens of researchers and writers being processed as independent Contributors, Phoenix has secured a prestigious position among the first genuinely successful blockchain-based gig economies.

    Contributor positions are currently open to anyone with interest and expertise in China’s markets, specializing in any of these ten industry categories:

    Become a Contributor and start earning money in exchange for your knowledge today!

    Online content creators and clients often encounter three challenges when taking part in a gig economy_;_ monetization of content, security and reliability of services, and professional networking. With this in mind, Red Pulse has developed successful methods of overcoming these common challenges, leveraging their expanding professional network and applying optimal automated solutions incorporating blockchain technology:

    Monetization of Content on Phoenix

    While banking fees, international transaction fees and host service fees can often make it difficult for content creators and clients to transfer payments efficiently, Red Pulse’s Phoenix token (PHX) is an NEP-5 token based on the NEO Blockchain. NEP-5 tokens have the benefit of being swiftly transferable on NEO’s network at near-zero fees.

    Red Pulse PHOENIX

    PHX tokens reduce financial friction, acting as the primary method of remuneration for all services and activities on the Red Pulse Phoenix platform. Approved Contributors can earn PHX tokens for engaging with Red Pulse’s clients in one-on-one expert insight sessions. Contributors producing regular news and research notes for the platform are also able to share in thousands of dollars worth of PHX token rewards generated via a small amount of supply inflation currently built into the Red Pulse Phoenix smart contract. A number of Contributors on the Phoenix platform are currently earning hundreds of dollars per article.

    Security, Reliability and Professional Networking on Phoenix

    Without paying exorbitant fees for escrow and auditing by independent third parties, it can generally be difficult for gig economy participants to ensure the accuracy of independent information and the security of services and documents changing hands. Red Pulse’s Phoenix smart contract has the facility to store data against tokens and transactions that can be used to trace ownership and origin of content. These stored, transferable data-points are known as Proof of Ownership and Proof of Creation, and are captured using a timestamp, hash of content, the creator ‘s wallet ID and the owner’s wallet ID.

    China Research | Finance, Technology, Healthcare | Red Pulse

    Now in its 4th year of on-boarding clients, Red Pulse has established relationships with over 200 of the largest financial institutions in the world, with over 14,000 subscribers accessing business insights provided by Red Pulse’s experts. External applicants becoming Contributors on the platform now have the benefit of sharing Red Pulse’s network, gaining exposure to global clients, while clients have access to more in-depth information provided by a larger group of research specialists.

    Facilitating a network consisting of some of the biggest financial names and the best industry experts in the world, combined with frictionless Phoenix payments and the technical transparency provided by Proof of Performance and Proof of Creation, Red Pulse has created a trusted, frictionless, fully functioning and highly reputable knowledge sharing ecosystem.

    Check out this article from our Marketing Strategy Lead, Sombat, for additional information on becoming a Red Pulse Phoenix Contributor:

    Red Pulse Phoenix Is Now Open to Everyone

    While the achievement of creating a research content ecosystem for China is truly admirable on its own, Red Pulse is already exploring additional applications for this successful economic system. Stay tuned for Crypto Pulse; the sister platform to Phoenix, where Red Pulse will further utilize PHX tokens to bring together cryptocurrency experts and clients.

    Introducing Crypto Pulse

    If you have any additional questions before signing up as a contributor, you can check out the FAQ, or head over to the Red Pulse Telegram Chat and say hello.

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