Red Pulse Bi-Weekly Report 2018.10.29

  • Red Pulse Bi-Weekly Report 2018.10.29 — Earn PHX by Writing on Red Pulse, Development Updates, and Korea Blockchain Expo Recap

    Red Pulse opened up its doors to all content contributors, and we’ve quickly made some headway signing up top finance writers and China experts. Check out our bi-weekly below for all the updates from the past few weeks.


    Red Pulse Phoenix Is Now Open to Everyone

    Two weeks ago, we opened up Red Pulse Phoenix to all outside contributors, and we’ve had a tremendous response from both our finance and crypto communities. We’ve attracted many top China analysts from our community and within the finance world, and writers have been able to earn hundreds of USD worth of content rewards over the past two weeks.

    Keep in mind, we are doubling the daily reward pool for the first month, so hurry up and help make Red Pulse Phoenix the top platform for investment research on China markets (and eventually the rest of the world)!

    Red Pulse Phoenix Is Now Open to Everyone

    A Gig Economy — Part 2 of 3: Solving Problems for Clients and Content Creators

    Red Pulse Community Manager, Chris Tannahill, follows up on Part 1 of his “A Gig Economy” series, with Part 2, “Solving Problems for Clients & Content Creators”. Chris reviews Steemit, Civil, and Phoenix, and how each approaches the issues and opportunities in the gig economy with a unique solution. Check out the article below, and stay tuned for part 3.

    A Gig Economy, Part 2 of 3; Solving Problems for Clients & Content Creators.

    Development Updates

    We recently published the latest round of dev updates, which includes not only the ability for outside contributors to submit articles, but also various underlying algorithms and business intelligence systems that power our ecosystem.

    Red Pulse Development Updates

    Events Recap

    2018 Korea Blockchain Expo

    This past week, the team was at the 2018 Korea Blockchain Expo in Seoul on October 23–24. Red Pulse Co-Founder Stanley Chao and Marketing Manager Amy kang were both on hand to help promote the opening of our platform to outside contributors, and to give some insight into what else we have planned for the rest of the year.

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