ZEEPIN Progress Update Sep 1st — Oct 25th

  • ZEEPIN Progress Update Sep 1st — Oct 25th

    Zeepin Chain MainNet:

    It’s been nearly two months since the launch of Zeepin MainNet, and now in stable operation. Up till today, the MainNet has reached block height 254003, with 105329 transactions completed, 80644 ZeeWallet addresses created, and 24 nodes in operation.

    Galaxy nodes selection campaign is launching:

    The global nodes selection campaign of Zeepin Chain will officially launch next Monday (Oct.30) at 6PM (Beijing Time). All ZPT holders can apply to be a galaxy node operator as well as vote for nodes. Nodes selection and voting will be carried out via ZeeWallet-ZEEPIN’s official wallet for creative digital asset.

    A total of 51 Galaxy masternodes will be elected. To qualify for a Consensus Node, one has to make it to rank №1–9 while the rest of which will be defined as Candidate Nodes. Galaxy nodes will get incentives and rewards through their work in providing instant transactions and contributing to efforts to the future governance and development of Zeepin Chain.

    We will provide a detailed tutorial for node application along with other technical details on Monday before the campaign begins.

    Meanwhile, you can find more details about Galaxy Node selection here:

    Why Zeepin Chain needs Masternodes: https://medium.com/@zeepin/why-zeepin-chain-needs-masternodes-galaxy-node-cluster-71cfdb42b208

    Rewards and incentives for Zeepin Masternodes: https://medium.com/@zeepin/rewards-and-incentives-for-zeepin-masternodes-9bc5ea3edd67

    Blockchain explorer ZeeScan official launched

    ZeeScan, a blockchain-powered explorer developed by ZEEPIN, has been live for a while to pragmatically improve the way users check on the transaction information and keep users easily informed of real-time masternode election status.

    Zeepin Blockchain Explorer:www.zeescan.io/

    dApp Development


    ZeeRights V1.0.1 has completed development with newly added features including Zeepin ID, authentication of institutional ID, copyright registration in bulk, an after-sale record list, etc.

    ZeeRights V1.0.2 is in the process of internal testing.

    ZeeRights is estimated to officially launch in November.


    ZeeSure, dedicated to addressing the insurance for creatives that can indemnify them against infringement and litigation expense, is now being integrated into some big third-party financial and insurance institutions.

    ZeeSure V1.0.0 has been completely framed with design work almost done. Part of key features is under development.


    ZeeWallet V2.7 has fixed bugs like the failure of claiming Gala, display issues of the language pack. With the launch of the updated version, global users can expect to claim Gala in a more convenient way. In addition, functions designed for node selection will be accessible in ZeeWallet V2.8;

    The new version will be released next Monday (Oct.29).

    Operation Progress


    While it’s been half a year since CryptoGalaxy has been launched, a total of 388 planets have been released with more than 13422210 Gala mined and 11799 players from 114 countries participated in open beta tests.

    Long awaited V1.6 will be released before the end of October and will present major new features and functions: P2P planet trading, ZPT & Gala withdrawals, Bot upgrades, space exploration, planet filtering.

    In-house training

    ZEEPIN continued in-house training for ZEEPIN team to deliver professional service to all Zeepiners. Training sessions included distributed consensus, Galaxy Nodes selection and so forth.

    Community Events

    We have improved the interface of the bounty platform. After the beginning of nodes selection, more interesting tasks will be added. Please pay close attention to https://www.zeepin.io/bounty and earn Gala rewards!

    Future plans

    We will present our plans for the last part of 2018 so that the whole community will be informed about our goals and development direction. You can also expect a new AMA with our Zeepin founders Zhu Fei and Shenbi Xu in the near future.

    ZEEPIN Team


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