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    What is Cryptocurve?

    Cryptocurve is the all-in-one Cryptocurrency wallet for managing all of your cryptocurrency needs. The Cryptocurve ecosystem provides seamless integration between a user and their crypto wallet by providing the ability to buy, sell, send, or hold their digital cryptoassets easily. For example: When you want to purchase your first bitcoin, you have to have a wallet to store it in. When you want to spend Bitcoin, you have to use your wallet to transfer that Bitcoin. If you’re going to buy any other Crypto, again you need a wallet where you can store it.

    The wallet is everybody’s exit and entry point into crypto

    Crypto wallets are an essential tool for how cryptocurrencies are transacted, used, and accessed on a daily basis. The Curve Wallet stands out because of the interoperability and ease of use in the wallet. The Curve Wallet (and the whole CryptoCurve ecosystem) is built on top of cross-chain solutions, specifically through our official partnership with Wanchain.


    This opens an Interoperable layer of access to other blockchains and an aggregate platform to manage your assets in real time.

    Features of the Curve Wallet include: ICO Investing, ICO Pooling, Portfolio Tracking and... the NUKE button.


    What is the purpose of CURV token?

    A single investment into CURV, staked in our smart contract equals investments in every ICO hosted through the Curve platform.

    The more CURV tokens you stake, the more airdrop tokens you receive (Passive Income).

    Staking enough CURV tokens allows you to create your own ICO Pool smart contract.

    Governance in deciding the future of the Curve Wallet.

    Burning Mechanism AKA CryptoCurve Buyback Program.

    Nuking your portfolio.

    Trading Fee Discounts.

    Token sale

    CryptoCurve aims to raise a total of 37,000 ETH and 6 million USD in WAN.

    A total of 415 million CURV will be minted initially, with 207.5 million CURV, or 50% being sold to investors.

    Rate: 1 CURV = $0.20 + 25% bonus

    Token Vesting Mechanism:

    1st month: 25% of tokens released
    2nd month: 20% of tokens released
    3rd month: 20% of tokens released
    4th month: 20% of tokens released
    5th month: 20% of tokens released

    Token sale starts on 30th of October 2018!

    Who's on the team?

    Joshua Halferty

    Mr Halferty is an expert in leading large, geographically dispersed, development teams through all phases of project delivery while successfully maintaining timeline and budgetary requirements. For the last two years, Mr Halferty has provided leadership in product and project management positions for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Prior to that, Mr Halferty led multi-million-dollar software development projects for the US Navy and Marine Corp. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

    Xander Yi
    CFO & Founder and Partner at the Law Offices of Gutierrez Yi

    Mr Yi has broad legal experience and brings valuable leadership and legal, business, and financial expertise to the company. Mr Yi graduated with a Juris Doctorate from Arizona State University and served as a clerk for the Arizona Attorney General’s office. He also previously launched a successful eCommerce business.

    Andre Cronje
    Blockchain Infrastructure Engineer

    With more than 13 years of experience in core technology leadership roles, Mr Cronje has lent his expertise to various entities as a lecturer, CTO, and Head of Technology, and Technical Team Leader. He has many years of blockchain experience, including serving as Chief Crypto Code Reviewer at CryptoBriefing and as Head of Technology at Freedom, which works to innovate technology in financial services. In these roles, Mr Cronje has scaled and innovated financial service technologies, including neural nets, deep learning, and Big Data.



    Our main collaboration and partnership is undoubtedly Wanchain.

    A blockchain ecosystem that enables the exchange of digital assets between blockchains with privacy protection and cross-chain smart contracts.

    |Wanchain 2.0| enables cross-chain functionalities with Ethereum (Live). Dai was the first ever cross-chain ERC20.
    |Wanchain 3.0|[/td] [td] enables bridging with Bitcoin (Beta Testing)

    Cryptocurve will serve as a front-end for the whole Wanchain ecosystem.
    This includes all the projects participating in WanLabs.
    This is why Cryptocurve is not a standalone wallet, but a UI for the growing infrastructure

    Cryptocurve will be used in conjunction with upcoming e-prescribing, analytics, and patient engagement blockchain startup BlockMedX.
    They focus in pharma tech and joined with WanLabs and are a healthcare infrastructure project focusing on tackling prescription drug abuse, fraud, and non-adherence.

    You can read more about this collaboration in our official blogpost or independent media.



    Join our $100,000 Bounty Campaign NOW

    1st Place (1 winner): 50,000 CURV tokens (~$10,000 value)

    2nd Place (1 winner): 40,000 CURV tokens (~$8,000 value)

    3rd Place (1 winner): 25,000 CURV tokens (~$5,000 value)

    4th-10th Place (7 winners): 15,000 CURV tokens (~$3,000 value)

    11th-50th Place (40 winners): 4,000 CURV tokens (~$800 value)

    51st-100th Place (50 winners): 1,200 CURV tokens (~$240 value)

    Lottery Winners (4 winners): 15,000 CURV tokens (~$3,000 value)


  • @wet4tech I think I read that staking the Curve tokens in the smart contract makes you eligible to receive airdrops for all the ICOs hosted in the platform and maybe also allows to create your own ICO pools. I don't think they have the specifics published yet.

  • @lovinai
    Your best bet to understand staking is above ^^

    Stake your CURV tokens, earn token rewards
    Increase the amount you stake to enter higher tiers and get more rewards
    Staking has benefits for Curve Wallet users, investors, and CryptoCurve partners

  • Can we stake our bounty tokens? I am not sure how staking works exactly?

  • Hi team, I am excited about the staking options and want to get more details on how much CURV we need to be able to stake both to be eligible for Airdrops as well to be able to create my own pool

  • @graviton Token-sale is started but was capped until recently. You can start uncapped contribution soon! Did you buy WAN cheap as you can participate using WAN only 🙂

    Go to their official Telegram as admins have answers to all questions 🙂

  • Hey Guys, just did a little research on CryotoCurve and man no other wallet has the features that they're set to offer. Nuke is a fun feature but the design attention around security is amazing. When will these features be integrated into the wallet? Can't wait to get my hands on the wallet, when can we use the wallet?

  • @wet4tech Thanks for confirming. When is the token sale?

  • @graviton
    Based on OP's comments
    CryptoCurve aims to raise a total of 37,000 ETH and 6 million USD in WAN.

  • This is crazy $100000 in bounty, how much are they raising?

  • @cryptocurve
    Thank u for sharing. Your bounty has been pretty fun so far...admin.
    What does interoperability alliance mean? Is Cryptocurve going to have all three building using CurveSDK?

  • https://medium.com/wanchain-foundation/wanchain-october-newsletter-c95b343be3a4

    WanChain Newsletter is out! CryptoCurve supporting the Interoperability Alliance is Featured!

  • Truly is exciting. Staking is Different @Wet4Tech , you'll be able to receive a proportion of airdrops on the wallet to your staking amount! There will be an announcement soon on the specifics of the staking mechanism 😉 Btw ICO on Oct 30th 3pm UTC !

  • nice bounty pool OP.. $100,000 is a lot.
    How does Staking work? is it similar to masternode rewards? how much do I need to stake op?