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    The first token-backed partnership in the industry: Fanfare and UCIM
    More Information: https://goo.gl/Rco1ot

    “The Fanfare community truly believes in decentralization and would continue to support and promote similar initiatives by UCIM in the future, as well for a long-term partnership. It's all about decoding and acknowledging that events like UCIM are pivotal in uniting like-minded people who can discuss, innovate, and showcase to the world the limitless opportunities and benefits of blockchain and other disruptive technologies,” shared Fanfare CEO, Vincent Lim.


    UCIM.io is starting its official Bounty Program to reward supporters who help UCIM reach out to more people on the internet.

    1 FAN = 0.022$

    Total Bounty Pool will be divided as follows:

    Twitter Campaign - 45% - 787k ($17,325))
    Facebook Campaign - 35% - 612k($13,475)
    Blog and Media - 20% - 350k ($7700)


    WEEK 1 - OCTOBER 20 - OCTOBER 26,2018
    WEEK 2 - OCTOBER 27 - NOVEMBER 2,2018
    WEEK 3 - NOVEMBER 3 - NOVEMBER 9,2018
    WEEK 4 - NOVEMBER 10 - NOVEMBER 16,2018
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    1.Tokens depending on followers (at the start of campaign):
    250 – 2499 followers:250 FAN ($5.5)/week
    2500 –7499 followers:500 FAN($11)/week
    7500+ Followers:750 FAN($16.5)/week

    If you want to earn more stakes share at least 2 original tweets on Medium/Steemit which will give you 200 FAN Tokens(4.4)/week

    You must have at least 250 followers. If you have been rejected due to less than 250 followers, do not attempt to resend your application with updated followers. It will be denied.
    Have to follow UCIM on Twitter
    Your Twitter audit (https://www.twitteraudit.com) score must be at least 85%
    Twitter followers count will not be updated after registration
    Must make minimum 2 original tweets per week and 2 retweets. Do not retweet tweets that are older than 4 days. It will not be counted
    You must use the hashtag:#UCIM #UCIMEVENT and tag @ucimofficial if its an original tweet
    Retweet our news to your friends or followers

    (i)Register your participation on this link
    (ii)Follow UCIM official Twitter
    (iii)Check the statistics
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    You must like, share and post at least 2 posts weekly, which will give you 350 FAN per week ($7.7).

    If you want to earn more stakes share at least 2 posts on Medium/Steemit which will give you 200 FAN Tokens(4.4)/week.

    1.Have at least 300 friends

    1. Make privacy settings open for your page
    2. Multiple account registrations are not allowed.
      4.Copying graphics, texts. ( You can use official images, logos, graphics posted on websites, ANN-topic, Twitter and Medium)
    3. You must create posts per week about UCIM hashtags #UCIMEVENT #UCIM

    (i)Fill this form
    (ii)Like us on Facebook and complete the task
    (iii)Check Statistics

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    Spread the word with your original content by:
    Creating high quality articles about UCIM on crypto specific news portals, blogs, Medium, Steemit etc.

    UCIM tokens earned 700 FAN/week tokens($15.4/week) depending on quality (decided by UCIM after review)
    Creating 2 high quality articles about UCIM one on crypto specific,news portals and another one on Medium/Steemit(Mandatory).

    Article must be original and have at least 300 words
    Articles in languages other than English may be accepted (at the sole discretion of UCIM). Please contact us first to check.
    Articles must have the following links:
    Website: https://www.ucim.io/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ucimofficial
    Telegram: https://t.me/UCIMIO
    Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/ucimofficial

    (i)Register your participating on this link
    (iii)Check the statistics