Red Pulse Phoenix Is Now Open to Everyone

  • Today we are opening Red Pulse Phoenix to all outside contributors, and we would like to invite our community to start writing articles on As an incentive for being an early contributor, we are doubling the daily reward pool for the first month, which means that roughly $5,000 worth of PHX will be given out to contributors daily.

    What can I write about?

    Red Pulse Phoenix is a China market research platform, used by investors, analysts, researchers, and professionals for keeping up to date with the latest happenings in the Chinese economy. As a contributor, you can submit articles on China’s companies, industry sectors, or macro economy. The format of your article can be anything from opinion articles, commentary, analysis, news, or anything that you feel our readers would like to see.

    For more information on what you can write about, please visit:

    What can I write about?

    How do I start writing?

    Getting started as a contributor on Red Pulse Phoenix is simple.

    1. First you must have a Red Pulse account. You can register for an account for free by going to

    2. After you’ve successfully created your account, you can now sign up to upgrade your account to become a contributor. Please visit and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

    Red Pulse | China Research | Become a Contributor

    1. Now that you’re signed up as a contributor, you can start writing immediately. Just login to your account, hover over your name on the top right corner, and select “Write Note”. Once you submit your article, our editors will review them, and your submission will be published to Red Pulse Phoenix once it has been approved. Your article will start earning PHX as soon as it is published.

    1. Lastly, be sure to fill out your professional profile page here Your profile is searchable by tens of thousands of finance professionals, so be sure to present your best self.

    How much can I get paid for each article?

    The amount of PHX earned by your articles will be determined by the quality and amount of engagement it receives. Your article will continue to accrue more and more PHX daily, based on the amount of engagement it receives. As mentioned previously, we have doubled the daily PHX reward pool for this first month, which is roughly $5,000 worth of PHX that will be divided amongst contributors daily. You can also contribute as many articles as you want, so your potential earnings are limitless.

    How do I get paid?

    As you receive PHX rewards, it will be automatically deposited into your wallet as PHF. PHF is the staked form of PHX, so you will actually earn additional staking rewards if you hold your PHF in your wallet. When you are ready to cash out, just fire down your PHF to PHX, and then withdraw it to an outside wallet or exchange.

    What can I look forward to from Red Pulse in the future?

    As we develop Red Pulse Phoenix going forward, you will have additional ways to earn revenue. We plan to expand our offerings to cover additional countries in the near future, and will soon be launching a crypto focused version of our platform called Crypto Pulse. Stay tuned for more information on these product updates, and thanks for supporting us and being part of our community.

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