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  • Ethereum based tokens which can be bought, sold, or traded, have become the backbone of Ethereum ecosystem, innovative companies use them as internal currencies within their ecosystem. ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment. Every open source community needs a proposal request-approval system to accept revolutionary changes put forward by its users and improve it.

    ERCs serve this purpose for Ethereum; they include some technical guidelines elaborating suggestions about development of the Ethereum network. ERC 20 token is the most well-known among all the standards present within the entire crypto community, and most tokens issued on top of the Ethereum platform use it. Helping developers to accurately predict how new tokens will function within the larger Ethereum system.

    This is the most well-known and commonly used standard among all the other token standards. Almost all the ICO development so far has issued their tokens as per this standard. The primary advantage of using these tokens is that any other application or smart contract can interact with a token in a standard manner without needing additional details of the token.

    This particular token standard has been designed individually by a developer in a bid to resolve the issues currently faced with ERC-20 standard. It makes possible to avoid the accidentally lost tokens inside the smart contracts which are not meant to work with the assigned tokens. Although, these accidental transfers, which are already rare, will most probably cease to happen with ENS in the future. Another merit is the less consumption of gas in ERC-223 as compared to ERC-20.

    This token standard is also a proposal so far, the basic purpose of which is to create a non-fungible token. In the other standards, tokens are fungible which means them exchangeable or equal to another unit. This is a problem only when you want to assign a different price to some tokens or want them to be different from others. This token standard will make the blockchain software business investment very easy for traders.

    Many a times, developers faced issues in increasing and decreasing the supply of tokens, as there is was no such standard to limit the amount of supply. These functions will help developers to regulate the supply. All the other standards allow the replication of tokens in a boundless fashion; this token standard will help limiting the supply without ceasing the supply altogether using Cryptocurrency services.

    This token standard grants holder, the authority of limiting the usage of tokens by a third party. All the transfers and allowances will be granted by the holder of tokens. There were some instances of inordinate usage of tokens by third party web wallets and exchanges, this standard will prevent such instances and grant the holder full and uncompromised authority of the Bitcoin tokens.
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