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     Problem, traditional solution and WERIZ innovative solution

    We are heading toward an era of Information Explosion in which we are incessantly exposed to a great volume of data, and what we actually look for gets lost in the vast pool of the data being recommended to us. This is what we call noise, and this ever increasing noise is surrounding us, disabling us to hear the “voices” that we are actually interested in.
    In the past, when cities where small, and local communities were strongly bound, whenever a new business emerged within a neighborhood, locals spread the word by mouth. It was a promising method that helped the business bloom while the local community used the services or the products that the business offered.

    With the growth of cities and the emergence of metropolitan areas, local communities are almost nonexistent and people are not anymore in touch with their neighbors. This has led to an unawareness toward the events happening nearby. People might be aware that there is going to be an exhibition in another part of the city, through their online connections, maybe from instagram, but they are not probably aware of what is happening in their neighborhood, unless they have run across it.

    This is neither helpful for the businesses nor for the people who are unaware of the facilities available within their vicinity. They might look for these facilities elsewhere, usually much farther than necessary.

    This is where Weriz comes into play. Weriz works like a local community for people all around the world. It helps people find the nearest businesses or services they are looking for easily and quickly using reactive and proactive approaches, by either asking them what they need or predicting their interests using AI. On the user side, It is an integrated business directory and search platform that enables people to find relevant products or services to their demands and interests while having fun and earning money doing that.

    On the business side, however, Weriz is a comprehensive marketing platform where even small-sized local businesses could benefit from a range of marketing analytics tools absolutely commission-free. It is also a place where complicated marketing parameters are translated into a set of easy-to-understand metrics where everyone can transparently see how they perform and how they can improve. Of all the exciting features available in Weriz, one of the prominent ones for businesses is its flexibility in customer targeting: Addressing those in the audience that would convert to customers with the highest probability. By exposing their advertisement to certain demographic segments who will most likely become future customers and filtering out the rest, Weriz can increase their chances of effective marketing and successful ROI.

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    Daily Needs and Interests
    In weriz, people tell about their daily needs and interests. Weriz then gives them only relevant information and services provided by local businesses.

    Blockchain enables all parties to interact in a transparent ecosystem allowing them to see what is really going on and assess their Weriz performance in a trustable platform.

    In Weriz, not only do the users not have to pay for finding the local businesses they are looking for, they even get PAID for it.

    Machine Learning
    Equipped with Machine Learning techniques, Weriz sticks to an essential marketing principle, which is finding each user's potential needs and interests. It will then inform the user of the related provider nearby.

    Users can choose what information to receive, and how and when to receive it. By doing so, everyone can benefit from his or her own customized Weriz!

    Weriz works based on location which means it gives you only the information of local services nearby. Go anywhere around the world and enjoy your Weriz.

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