ZeeWallet download and Token Swap Tutorial

  • Dear Zeepiners,

    We are happy to announce that the launch of our mainnet was a success and token mapping has concluded.

    We proudly present ZeeWallet, The first wallet for your creative digital assets. ZeeWallet is a mobile light wallet app designed to provide ordinary users with a secure, easy to use and powerful digital asset wallet application.

    In this step-by-step tutorial, we will guide you how to download ZeeWallet and perform a token swap using your NEP-5 wallet private key.

    First, a few warnings to make sure you never end up not being able to access the wallet:

    • If you already have an old version of ZeeWallet, no need to delete it. By downloading the updated version, it will automatically overwrite the old version without losing the keystore data* Make sure to store your Keystore information, password and private key in a secure, offline place. That information is crucial for access to your ZeeWallet on a different device. If you lose your Keystore or password, you will not be able to access your ZeeWallet in any other device. Password is used to make transactions and is needed when importing your wallet.* Don't use Android Emulator for ZeeWallet as it might cause data leak and potentially token loss.* Password, private key or keystore cannot be retrieved in case they get lost.
    1. Download wallet

    Link: https://zeewallet.io/

    For Iphone users:

    After the app is downloaded to your home screen, go to settings-general-device management-click “trust this app”(Changzhou Jianfeng Software Development Co., Ltd.), the app will work then.


    Simply click on an “Android” button and app will start downloading in the background.

    2. Open ZeeWallet app

    3. Create your own ZeeWallet account:

    There are 2 methods to create a new wallet in ZeeWallet.

    Method 1: you are holding ZPT in NEO wallet, have access to NEO wallet private key and want to perform a token swap.

    In this case, you need to choose the “Import wallet” option. Choose, import private key, paste the NEO wallet private key and set a new password.

    Choose your password carefully and save it as you will use it to access the wallet and perform transactions.

    Import your NEO private key

    Your import is now completed and your ZPT & Gala have been successfully swapped.

    In case you have been holding ZPT/Gala on Ledger, follow instructions in this video to learn how to extract your private key:


    Method 2: You want to create a completely new wallet as you don't own any ZPT/Gala yet or have been holding them in supported exchange.

    In this case, click “Create a new wallet”. Choose a name for your wallet (no more than 10 characters) and set a password.

    Create a new ZeeWallet

    Choose your password carefully and save it as you will use it to access the wallet and perform transactions.

    4. Backup your wallet

    Backup the keystore file to make sure you will be able to access your wallet in case you use a different phone. Make sure to save your password and keystore file in a safe place and store it offline to avoid the risk of token loss. You will need your Keystore file in case you will change your phone, delete app etc.

    Save your Keystore file and password in a safe, offline place to ensure maximum safety

    After your ZeeWallet is backed up, click “back” arrow in the top left corner to reach the home screen. You will now see the ZPT and Gala balance and your dashboard.

    Your wallet is now ready for use.

    5. Make transactions

    Performing transactions in ZeeWallet is not only simple but also very fast. In the normal operational mode, the transaction is processed and completed in a few seconds. Every transaction requires a min of 2 Gala as the transaction fee.

    steps in generating new transactions

    Note that some functions (node selection) are not yet available but will be in the near future.

    Here are some of the important facts that you need to know before you start using ZeeWallet:

    • Do not make transactions between NEO wallets and ZeeWallet. After you perform a swap, your ZPT and Gala are no longer NEP-5 tokens. Your wallet address will begin with “Z” now.* ZeeWallet will introduce a “Claim Gala” function. Details will be introduced in the following days.* ZeeWallet can be used in 9 different languages* The transaction fee is 2 Gala, you can set more Gala as Gas to increase the speed of your transaction in case of high blockchain traffic.* Galaxy consensus node selection will take place using ZeeWallet. The function is still unavailable on Mainnet.

    We will provide wallet updates on a regular basis and will make sure your feedback is taken into consideration. Meanwhile, join our discussions and our social media channels:


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