Glimpse into The Future — Callisto Preview and the Switcheo Blockchain

  • We’ve released a new preview for the Switcheo Exchange trading interface that is coming with the Callisto update. The overhauled interface is designed to simplify multi-chain trading, improve wallet management, and also ensure that we can bridge into our planned trustless cross-chain functionality in the near-future. On top of that, we’ve added many frequently asked-for features in this interface refresh.

    Take an early look at it here:

    Key Features:

    • *Collapsible Tabs — Tabs like the trade history are now concealable, to give more viewing real-estate for other components like the trading chart Language Tab — More languages will be available natively on Switcheo Exchange. We will launch with at least 2 language packs for a start. If you are a Switcheo fan who would like your native language to be supported — the team is looking for community translators to add more language packs; please email [email protected] to learn how you can contribute. Restructured Transaction History — Details have been restructured to provide more clarity for users. **Light/Dark Themes — A light mode is now available on Switcheo Exchange! Improved Wallet Manager — We’ve moved the wallet and contract balances to a dedicated wallet manager. As such, the main window now only shows relevant balances for the currently viewed pair. The preview for the wallet manager will be released separately, and we’ll talk about the additional features added then. **Improved Mobile Interface — **Managing wallets on multiple chains is improved for mobile users. The preview for the mobile interface will be released separately.

    Callisto & Cross-Chain Status

    Our CEO, Ivan Poon, has published an article outlining thestatus of the Callisto update as well as thefuture Switcheo blockchain.

    Weekly Round-Ups

    The Switcheo Team is restructuring our weekly round-ups to ensure that engineering research and updates are shared in a more flexible manner. With cross-chain development coming up, the timeline for such work extends over a longer period of time, and are not well-suited to be communicated in weekly round-ups.

    We’ll share more about how we think we can improve the flow of information to the appropriate audience soon. In the meantime, sign up for our newsletter and join our Telegram Announcement Channelto ensure you’ll always receive trading news and updates in a timely fashion.

    Blockchain Pioneers Summit

    Our CCO, Jack Yeu, will be speaking at a panel discussion on the topic of blockchain innovations and the future of cryptocurrency exchanges.

    Panel Members:

    • George Cao — CEO of Bitmax* Ethan Ng — Digital Marketing and Events Lead at Huobi Global* Katherine Ng — Head of Marketing at Quoine* Long Vuong — CEO of Tomochain

    You may find out more about the event here:

    Blockchain Pioneers Summit

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    News & Updates:

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