CurryCoins - Liquidity Aggregator Platform


    The CurryCoins Liquidity Aggregator ( connects directly to the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to seamlessly transact across platforms, through a single account, on a single interface.

    Cryptocurrencies are distributed and managed by our system, removing the need for tracking and moving funds to different exchanges. Our price discovery algorithm automatically identifies the best price for any particular trade size, ensuring our users always get the best price the market has to offer. Our engine aggregates and stores data from each exchange, which is neatly presented on a single dashboard where users can trade, analyze, manage, and transfer their assets.

    We are currently connected to three of the top crypto-crypto exchanges in the world, namely, Binance, Bitfinex & HitBTC, with several other exchanges to be added later.


    Being a retail cryptocurrency investor isn't as easy as it sounds. While it's possible to understand and effectively use cryptocurrency as a means of payment or store of value once, in hand, interfacing with the fragmented exchange ecosystem can often be cumbersome and risky. Users have to maintain diverse portfolios over multiple exchange accounts, with no easy way to track investments. Worse still, in a dangerously volatile market, having funds spread across exchanges diminishes the agility with which an individual can adjust their portfolio. Finally, traders often have to send funds to and from various exchange accounts which shave off returns, and the unforgiving nature of the technology (irreversible transactions, for example), remove any margin for error.

    • Cumbersome to navigate and maintain accounts on dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges

    • Reduced agility in trading, as different assets are often on different exchanges

    • Costly to constantly send funds between exchanges

    • No access to profitable opportunities (arbitrage for example) without a coding background.


    It's important to remember that the cryptocurrency boom has been driven, first and foremost, by the retail investor; as the market matures they justifiably demand a better user experience and a more level playing field. The core idea behind CurryCoins is to take a major step forward in that direction. Our users no longer have to navigate a sea of cryptocurrency exchanges and can instead, focus on exploring a whole new set of profitable opportunities that open up with easy cross-platform trading.


    Agility in trades: When a big move happens, one exchange often leads the others in terms of price and volume. However, unless users have readily available funds spread across different exchanges, they can’t take advantage of this information. By leveraging our common pool of funds, users will never be caught on the wrong foot by having the ability to switch exchanges with the click of a button

    Portfolio & Fund Management: We eliminate the need to track and micromanage funds across exchanges completely so that you can analyze your portfolio, track, trade or transfer your funds from a single platform

    Arbitrage opportunities: Arbitrage opportunities come and go in the blink of an eye. Sometimes selling and buying must even occur simultaneously. Our platform makes it possible to visualize arbitrage opportunities so you can make calculated decisions and begin profiting from a whole new set of trading strategies

    Price Discovery Algorithm: Users are provided with an ‘Automatic’ trading option which finds and executes trades at the best price across exchanges, hence saving users the time and trouble required to traverse through the various exchanges in a bid to get the most favourable deal

    Security: Our platform’s security deploys a top of the line security architecture, and has been vetted multiple times. Additionally, we have no single point of vulnerability since the user’s funds are spread across hot wallets, exchanges, and cold storage; each of which requires a separate, precise process to interface with.


    Fault-Tolerant: Our instances are distributed across the world, ensuring that if one is attacked, the others automatically step in to compensate for the loss. This ensures that the platform has maximum uptime.

    Scalable: Our platform scales both vertically and horizontally, dynamically adding instances across the world in response to increasing traffic

    Adaptable: The platform round-robins through each instance when updating software, allowing us to quickly add or remove features and patches.


    As you’ll be among the first users who get to test our platform, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. We’d like you to tell us about any feature, design or functionality changes you’d like us to alter or incorporate. We’re all ears; reach out to us via email, or through any one of our social media channels listed below. The cornerstone of our community management and marketing strategy is ensuring our customers feel like they're dealing with a platform and team you can trust and reach out to at a moment’s notice. Drop us a line and we’d be more than happy to talk about any other incentives or reward programs that you’d like to see. As a token of appreciation for your participation, we currently offer the following incentives and rewards:

    • 0% trading fees for Alpha so you can try our platform

    • A Bug Bounty Program with a minimum reward of BTC worth 100USD

    • A Monero (XMR) Mining Contest using Coinhive where the top 2 miners get all of the XMR mined during the alpha phase

    • Referral rewards so you can earn rewards for each friend who signs up and trades

    • Trading rewards where the top 5 users who have the maximum traded volume at the end of the alpha phase will have their accounts credited with $120 worth of BTC each

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    Twitter - @Curry_Coins
    Medium - @currycoins


    We’ve prepared some video tutorials to walk you through our website and delve into each of its tools and features that you’d need to know about to get started with CurryCoins and make the most out of your experience. Here are the links so you can watch some videos and start trading:

    Making a Deposit -
    Placing a Withdrawal Request -
    Placing a Market Order -
    Placing a Limit Order -