Airdrop 1 CPAcoin 05 Sep – 30 Sep

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    CPAcoin is the currency that allows fast, secure, and affordable payments for all, with a more accessible user experience and allows a monetization in both fiat and crypts, this is supported by the Waves Blockchain which allows hundreds of transactions per second , which makes it the fastest block chain in the world

    CPAcoin Solves the problem payment method: Fast payments (blockchain of waves), secure payments (CPAwallet), direct payments (person / person) and within everyone's reach (minimum rates).

    CPAcoin Solves the problem about the tools: Its use, a price reduction in the purchase of tools or games kit.

    CPAcoin Solves the problem about Monetization: The CPAcoin holders will be able to convert their CPAcoin in other Crypto and Fiat.


    It represents a radical contribution in the weakness of Digital Marketing payments. Your contribution allows speed (100 transactions per second) security and privacy. Eliminates the high costs of fees, cumbersome processes of verification and identity exposure, all this facilitating direct transactions without borders.

    CPAcoin is a viable project with a real community, not only advertisers and advertisers are considered, but also users who obtain profits in the rewards cycle for their actions (CPA-PTC).

    CPAcoin not only seeks to position itself as a Flexible Global payment system, it also offers the option of monetization. Therefore, and much more, CPAcoin is the protagonist here and now.

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    05 Sep - 30 Sep
    Objective: Advertising

    Create a CPAcoin article = 250 CPAcoin

    Blogs or Facebook with a minimum of 100 subscribers or friends
    In Bitcointalk no new accounts
    In Reddit no new accounts
    In Medium no new accounts
    Quality in information extra bonus 100 CPAcoin
    Keep it during ICO


    Ideas or simple publications are not valid, all the quality of an article is required

    Create a video on YouTube = 1200 CPAcoin

    Channel with more than 1000 subscribers
    High quality


    Keep it during ICO

    Fill in the CPAcoin form = 25 CPAcoin for each action
    Link: Form


    For Twitter: Minimum of 100 followers
    For Fanpage Facebook: At least 50 friends
    For Bitcointalk: No new accounts - Comment
    For Reddit: No new accounts - Comment
    Constant participations (Surprise Bonus)

    1 Join the official channels and groups of CPAcoin in Telegram: 5 CPAcoin


     Must join the 2 groups and 1 channel
     Participate in the discussions of CPAcoin
     Must be a member throughout the ICO


    The most active users will receive surprises


    General terms:

    The tokens will be released between November 25-30, 2018