Avatara Airdrop

  • Avatara Airdrop
    Avatara Company conducts Airdrop in order to attract new audience.

    Restriction: you can participate in the Airdrop only if your Facebook and Twitter pages are in English or any other language except Russian.

    Total value = 2100 VTR (≈ $12). Complete simple tasks and receive a reward of 1590 VTR (≈ $9) and extra 510 VTR (≈$3) with Bonus Code. Become a partner: Invite referrals and get 510 VTR ($3) per referral (Please contact Airdrop Manager Telegram @ArthurBounty).

    Airdrop ENG https://avatara.world/content/airdrop
    Airdrop RUS https://avatara.world/ru/content/airdrop