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  • How smart contracts work

    It's worth noting that bitcoin was first to support the basic smart contracts in the sense of that network can transfer the value from one person to another. The network of nodes will only validate transactions, if certain conditions are met. But, bitcoin wallet is limited to the currency use case. By contrast, ethereum replaces bitcoin's more restrictive language (a scripting language of a hundred or so scripts) and replaces it with a language that allows developers to write their own programs. Ethereum allows developers to program their own smart contracts, or 'autonomous agents', as the ethereum whitepaper calls them. The language is 'Turing-complete', meaning it supports a broader set of computational instructions.
    Smart contracts can:

    • Function as 'multi-signature' accounts, so that funds are spent only when a required percentage of people agree.
    • Manage agreements between users. say, if one buys insurance from the other.
    • Provide utility to other contracts (similar to how a software library works).
    • Store information about an application, such as domain registration information or membership records.

    Crypto Soft Malaysia team already deployed more than 100 smart contracts. We audited over 50 ICO contracts and saved over $300 millions of investor funds.

    We develop the following Solidity smart contracts

    • Token contracts ERC20/ERC223
    • Crowdsale contracts ICO
    • Multisignature contracts
    • Custom contract

    Also we offer smart contract auditing for security risks, misbehavior, bugs and inefficiency.

    The majority of ICO's that came out in 2017 were built on the Ethereum Blockchain thanks in no small part to Ethereum / Smart Contract relationship.

    Smart Contracts, in layman terms, are like an “event construct” on the blockchain technology. Think of them as contracts based on a methodology. As an example, imagine a real-estate token with a smart contract that automatically sealed an agreement when all subjects were removed from a real-estate purchase offer then remitted the deposit to the seller from the buyer’s crypto wallet.

    Implement smart contracts on an open-source Initial Coin Offering platform for transparent, fast-forward performance for your business project. Smart contract codes are executed in a decentralized and distributed manner to customize your requirements. Immutable smart contracts provide security and allow the secure storage of digital data. We provide:

    • conceptual token design
    • smart-contract implementation
    • testing
    • smart-contract deployment
    • support