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  • Need to validate your blockchain project idea? Want to build your ICO? Can’t afford to take months for each platform? Do you wish you could develop new ICO faster? Are you concerned about the security of your ICO web? Crypto soft India can help. Request your trial today. We’re offering full access to the ICO platform at all stages, including API integration. Crypto soft India is the most complete platform for your ICO Solution.

    We’re offering full access to the ICO platform at all stages including API integration. Crypto soft India is the most complete platform for building and deploying your ICO business idea. With its rapid development environment and integrated backend services, you develop much faster.

    Whenever we ask individuals, entrepreneurs, startups about the main benefit they get from the Bitcoin development website, I typically get the same answer. It saves time to get enough funding for their unique idea.

    ICOs are a great way for startups to raise initial capital for their crypto based business opportunity. It has all the benefits of blockchain technology embedded into its decentralized, border-less, trustless and is quicker.

    Cryptocurrency development companies first need to prepare a B-Plan (Business Plan) which includes the project summary purpose of project benefits after project completion, amount of money to be raised and minimum amount of funds that is required by the company, for how long ICO campaign would run. After the campaign starts, their supporters and other people who are interested buy some crypto coins called as ‘ ERC tokens’. For IPO’s these tokens act as shares of company.

    And then people from these supporters buy the coins for the same reason. At the end of campaign, they measure it. If the amount of money raised met the minimum amount (required by company) within specified camping time, then that money raised is used for their required purpose but if the campaign became unsuccessful then raised money is returned to the backers.

    We provide a quick, secure and a highly reliable procedure to raise your Initial Coin Offering. Our experience in Cryptocurrency development is unmatched and it enables us to provide optimized, stable ICO solutions which are tailor-made to match your requirements. With a track record of building intricate models for Cryptocurrency tokens, we ensure completion of your ICO token development before your ICO launch.

    Our Readymade Software Features are
    Fully customizable interface (theme, fonts, colors, logo, domain, registration form). Token creation with ERC20 token standard, A reliable and tested smart contract. Customization of the smart contract can be ordered.

    Dashboard that able to see how many investors have encouraged to your ICO development, how much money is currently collected and what Cryptocurrency development were donated. API for data transfer to the site or elsewhere. Website supported into 10 languages.

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