Smart Contract Security Token Offerings using ICO Services

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    With ICOs going through regulatory growing pains, with fraudulent feedback from the mainstream media and low success rate, we must strive to find more satisfactory means of funding blockchain innovation that are more legitimate. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) hearings are changing the future of how cryptocurrencies work at the intersection of more stringent regulations.

    If blockchain startups can have more credible ICO's it doesn’t really matter what they are called. This also opens up the floodgates for companies and new projects in virtually any field to tap into how ICO's work backed by tangible assets.

    Would be issuers of “utility” crypto tokens can be expected to encounter high costs, middling raises and regulatory risk. But there is a solution for the beginning Bitcoin Wallet Development were magic. Young projects without a legal entity, domicile or identifiable management team were able to raise millions of dollars. They promised to build infrastructure that would unseat corporate titans without so much as saying hello to regulators and taxing authorities. Smash the banks, change the world and bring about some sort of libertarian crypto utopia Obviously that hasn’t happened.

    Regulators are increasingly cracking down and taking interest in the blockchain space. While governments vary in their response to blockchain projects, it is clear that they will respond and that they will hold projects accountable to their laws. “Utility” token offerings designed as an end run around securities laws are unlikely to hold up, with the SEC say openly that they haven’t seen a true “utility” yet. In this space, just about every project is likely in violation of securities laws.

    But there is an exit, a way forward that’s better for projects and investors and helps relieve the threat of government interference: Security Token Offerings (STOs)

    Having said that security cryptocurrency tokens have the potential to become the go to form of funding for more established startups and for companies that want to tokenize their securities offering instead of listing shares on a stock exchange.

    Security ICOs will likely become a real competitor to traditional IPOs as the costs for an ICO remain cheaper and as more investors realize the advantages of digital tokens over “real shares”.