Zeepin Progress Update August 17th — August 31st

  • Zeepin Chain:

    Zeepin MainNet has officially been launched on August 31 and token mapping for ZPT and Gala is expected to be completed by September 5.

    With regard to the value and meaning of Zeepin Chain’s mainnet launch, Karl Xu, CSO of ZEEPIN put it:

    “Zeepin Chain has upgraded as a public blockchain. It is a fundamental infrastructure in ZEEPIN’s ecosystem, providing core protocol, application module and API for developers and creative teams. Also, since Zeepin Chain is open-source, we will invite more developers to join our ecosystem for development in the future.”

    More details about Zeepin Chain are included in White Paper available on Zeepin official website.

    Operation progress


    While it’s been 18 weeks since CryptoGalaxy has been launched, a total of 386 planets have been released with 7120145 Gala mined and 10356 players from 112 countries participated in open beta tests ; Number of players has exponentially increased by 2247 during the last two months that contributed to the yield of extra 4351190 Gala.

    A new feature that helps players to mine Gala simply by depositing ZPT was added to the in-game wallet of CryptoGalaxy at the beginning of August. Till now, 20 million ZPT has been deposited to in-game wallets with a total of 150.000 Gala already distributed to all participants on a daily basis.

    *The more ZPT to be staked to wallet for longer period, the more free Gala to be earned!

    Operation report

    ZEEPIN is gaining its momentum with the MainNet launch and exceptional accessibility of its released applications. The user base is still in expansion in various platforms. Here is what we’d like to share with you:

    In-house training

    In conjunction with ZEEPIN’s commitment to delivering professional and exceptional service to all Zeepiners, in-house training for ZEEPIN team is carried out on a weekly basis. Zeepin co-founder and CSO Shenbi Xu shared his insights in aspects of Blockchain Basics, Copyright Protection and Hash Algorithm with every member in the ZEEPIN Team.

    dApp development


    1. Completion of internal tests for ZeeRights V1.0.1

    2. ZeeRights V1.0.2 is in the process of development; New functions such as authentication of institutional identity, copyright registration in bulk and after-sale service will be included.


    To better serve Zeepiners from all over the world, ZeeWallet will support 9 different languages, including Chinese, English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese. It’s now being deployed for official launch.

    Zeepin Blochchain Explorer

    Synchronization of ZeeScan is completed, scheduled to go live in the coming days with token mapping completed.

    Community Events

    Our Bounty campaign is currently on hold, new tasks will be added in this week. So far, more than 1000 people already participated in our tasks and helped us to spread the word about Zeepin outside of our community.

    For any questions or to be in touch with our latest updates, please join our social media channels.

    ZEEPIN Team


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