Red Pulse Bi-Weekly Report 2018.09.03— PHX Deposits, Withdrawals and Staking Live, Crypto Pulse

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    PHX Deposits, Withdrawals and Staking Are Live

    After almost a year of waiting since the end of our token sale, we enabled deposits, withdrawals and staking for everyone on the Red Pulse platform on August 27.

    In order to access those features, you’ll need to log into your account and navigate to your wallet. From the wallet, you’ll then see buttons for “Deposit” and “Withdraw”. You’ll also be able to stake your PHX and earn more by “firing up” your PHX.

    Deposits, Withdrawals and Staking Are Live

    Red Pulse Announces Crypto Pulse

    Last week, we announced the development of “Crypto Pulse”, a suite of features utilizing the Red Pulse Phoenix platform to bring you crypto-related breaking news and research content.

    Crypto Pulse will allow crypto enthusiasts and traders to view and contribute market moving signals, technical analysis and in-depth reports on cryptocurrencies and ICO projects in real time.

    We’ll be releasing more information over the coming months, as development progresses, and will soon be taking in members of our community to help test and participate in the beta. Stay tuned for future announcements!

    Introducing Crypto Pulse


    CEO Jonathan Ha at Fund Forum Asia in Hong Kong, September 5

    Red Pulse CEO, Jonathan Ha will be speaking at the Fund Forum Asia on September 5 in Hong Kong. The session will be called “Capitalising on Cryptocurrency”.

    FundForum Asia Event Investment Management Conference

    CEO Jonathan Ha at SLUSH in Shanghai, September 7

    Red Pulse will be at SLUSH Shanghai, a leading international startup and technology event of China on September 7. CEO Jonathan Ha will be on the panel discussion: Investment in China-The fast-growing area in innovation and Technology.

    Please fine more details on the official website:

    CEO Jonathan Ha at China Global Investment Forum in Beijing, September 13

    CEO Jonathan Ha will give a keynote speach at The 5th China Global Investment Forum in Beijing on September 13. He will be sharing his insights about the sharing economy with investment professionals from all over the world.

    Please find more details in here:

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