How ICO Services Work Using Blockchain Technology

  • ICO App Factory helps businesses build complete ICO / Blockchain solutions starting from Requirement Gathering to Pilot and Final Implementation of the desired ICO / blockchain application.
    Concept & Projects:
    You know your Concept better than us and with your help we understand the specific blockchain and crowd funds points of your project.
    White Paper:
    We brainstorm together on each of the points and based on your need go back to our drawing board called white board.
    Propose A Landing Page Design:
    We propose a multiple design to select our landing page that shows all our project details and road maps.
    Write Smart Contract:
    It’s just nothing but our contract address with the investors, we are using ERC token for smart contracts.
    Dash Board:
    The prototype blockchain solution continuously evolves based on your feedback.
    SEO / SEM / PR Services:
    Once you are completely satisfied we do a full scale implementation of the blockchain solution for your business process.
    Constant Support & Guidance:
    Our relationship does not end here as we provide technical support and train you and your executives to efficiently utilize the system that we have deployed.
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