Introducing Crypto Pulse

  • Dear Red Pulse community,

    As a quick introduction, my name is Binglin Wang, and I’m a Product Marketing Manager at Red Pulse. I work alongside our engineering team and marketing team to guide Phoenix platform development and marketing efforts. I will also be sharing Red Pulse development updates to sync up with the community about our latest steps taken and future roadmap.

    Today, I’m excited to announce that Red Pulse is working on a brand new “Crypto Pulse” product for crypto-related breaking news and research content. Crypto Pulse will allow crypto traders to view and contribute market-moving signals, technical analysis and in-depth reports on cryptocurrencies and ICO projects that they follow. Users will be able to subscribe tokens onto their watchlist, and receive customized newsfeed and research content on the dashboard, along with token pricing into and trading data. Crypto Pulse will be integrated into the Phoenix ecosystem as a sister project to our China market intelligence platform.

    We aim to build a one-stop platform for crypto investors, leveraging our existing strengths in the world of financial content and making use of our Phoenix platform. We’ll be releasing more information over the coming months, as development progresses, and will soon be taking in members of our community to help test and participate in the beta. Stay tuned for future announcements!

    Best Regards,
    Binglin Wang
    Product Marketing Manager

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