Pro-Trading Competitions Updates

  • We are happy to share that our pro-trading competitions has garnered traders from over 60 countries since the launch of V2 Extravaganza on 25th July!

    Stay tuned to our upcoming Switcheo Pro-Trading Competitionhappening on 31st Aug , 10:00 — 9th Sep, 23:59 (UTC +8). Attractive prizes such as SWTH, NEO, and even our laser engraved Switcheo Ledger Nano S will be up for grabs.

    On the other hand, here are the top 10 addresses and their total traded volume in and Bridge Protocol Pro-Trading Competitions. Pro-Trading Competition

    1st: AcftCrfaejPTgSTcidxnEmARVyxiGFHcoj Total Traded Volume: 1,426,022.37 AVA

    2nd: ANoGBfDVAan2rwYHfPmHEJv3a9kye6nkWj
    Total Traded Volume: 849,605.67 AVA

    3rd: AQQ3omPjPFNisfT8MSoWsi3AFAMsmvUuFV
    Total Traded Volume: 787,364.51 AVA

    4th: ANAFEq9m3Jh7iKo1xecokVbuCY7rngFXtS Total Traded Volume: 384,976.02 AVA

    5th: AYiy56SavXmHm8zzd3rEhgjQPk9HAJqru6 Total Traded Volume: 373,408.74 AVA

    6th: Ad4HTmjqoFtMdfCKdenMHZLVSxzC94sjhB Total Traded Volume: 371,269.19 AVA

    7th: AJvcWbvWMN5q4vckDjT3gx3PneCtn1mVBL Total Traded Volume: 369,076.41 AVA

    8th: AX4REZqcLiQLbS9DtEqFWBtP3YnKZbFRv8 Total Traded Volume: 365,934.75AVA

    9th: ASLs1sgZCHEhHtmyY6E1KrHvrwv9C51dGY Total Traded Volume: 326,565.43 AVA

    10th: AcSeixkHeBEvqXEa5oHqJuix8xWbNwnTKH Total Traded Volume: 308,178.19 AVA

    Bridge Protocol Pro-Trading Competition

    1st: AX4REZqcLiQLbS9DtEqFWBtP3YnKZbFRv8 Total Traded Volume: 14,947,493.55 TOLL

    2nd: ANoGBfDVAan2rwYHfPmHEJv3a9kye6nkWj
    Total Traded Volume: 8,286,041.08 TOLL

    3rd: AcSeixkHeBEvqXEa5oHqJuix8xWbNwnTKH
    Total Traded Volume: 7,819,715.89 TOLL

    4th: Ad4HTmjqoFtMdfCKdenMHZLVSxzC94sjhB Total Traded Volume: 6,569,130.20 TOLL

    5th: AYiy56SavXmHm8zzd3rEhgjQPk9HAJqru6 Total Traded Volume: 6,449,265.59 TOLL

    6th: ANAFEq9m3Jh7iKo1xecokVbuCY7rngFXtS Total Traded Volume: 5,169,338.42 TOLL

    7th: AdycfbGhVoXfEpmuAVAKTUWi5XETDTxnnV Total Traded Volume: 5,051,259.76 TOLL

    8th: AcYnbUSqSCc1qCsbteVUWBTUKCQfypGUs9 Total Traded Volume: 4,876,255.51 TOLL

    9th: AUz7y57W8Xh2Vau85iT1iqYRDjqq2Q35t4 Total Traded Volume: 3,690,287.88 TOLL

    10th: AR9ts18t7vmC8UVP173ieBsdJr2HQuJPLD Total Traded Volume: 2,577,795.91 TOLL

    *Note: All addresses shown above have been reviewed for fair competition. Addresses not registered or have violated the trading competition rules have been disqualified.

    Once again, we would like to thank all traders for the active participation and making this a successful event.

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