Zeepin MainNet Launch and Token Mapping— Final Notice

  • Hi Zeepiners,

    The block height of NEO is estimated to reach 2670670 within 24 hours. Please don’t make any ZPT or Gala transactions after target block is reached. The mainnet mapping will start when block height reaches 2670670 and **will not accept any ZPT or Gala transactions after **that.

    Our mainnet launch is set on August 31st. When the launch and validation is finished, we will make an announcement and provide the download link of ZeeWallet.

    You can only make transactions via ZeeWallet AFTER our official announcement. Please be careful and be aware of fraud.

    The exchanges that will support token swap are: KuCoin, Gate, Lbank.

    A timeline of key dates:

    · August 28: Block height of mapping is 2670670, It is estimated between August 28th & 29th, depending on the real-time block height.

    · August 31st: Starting of a genesis node by Zeepin Foundation, assets written into the genesis block and official launch of MainNet;

    · September 5th: Completion of mapping (processed by system automatically);

    · September 6th: Users can activate assets stored in ZeeWallet via the original private key;

    · September 10th: Start rehearsal for node competition on TestNet. All ZPT holders can register for node application through official light wallet ZeeWallet. Consensus Nodes, Candidate Nodes and Backup Nodes will be selected through voting by all ZPT holders.

    · October 10th: MainNet Nodes selection;

    · November 5th: Release of the first batch of 51 selected nodes; A galaxy consensus network composed of selected nodes will be formed;

    · November 10th: Consensus will be transferred from the genesis node to the galaxy consensus network while a block will be generated accordingly. Zeepin foundation will remove the genesis node.

    Detailed instructions for our token swap:

    For users with ZPT/GALA in CryptoGalaxy or locked in GalaBox/GalaHub campaigns: — Your tokens will be swapped for you when mainnet launches.

    For Ledger Nano owners: You must transfer your ZPT/GALA to a NEP-5 wallet with access to the private key. This must be done before block height will reach 2670670 on the NEO Network. You can see the block number here http://neoblockxp.x10host.com/#!/ .
    Ledger Nano owners if you don’t have another wallet NEON is an easy wallet to use and create a wallet in. Here is a link to the NEON wallet https://github.com/CityOfZion/neon-wallet/releases . If you don’t know how to use the NEON wallet here is a beginner video on how to create a wallet in NEON https://youtu.be/rTI8oKgxBvc

    For users that have access to a private key in their wallet: When Zeewallet is available after September 5th all you need to do is import your wallet private key into Zeewallet and make the swap for your ZPT/GALA.

    For users that don’t have access to a private key in their wallet: You must transfer your ZPT/GALA to a wallet you have access to the private key. This must be done before block height will reach 2670670 on the NEO Network

    For users that have your ZPT/GALA on any of the following exchanges — KuCoin, Gate, Lbank: Your ZPT will be swapped by the exchange for you.

    Make sure you dont make any transactions after target block height is reached and mapping is completed. This includes: deposti tokens to CryptoGalaxy, deposit tokens to your GalaCloud lockup address, transfer tokens between wallets.

    Zeepin Foundation


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