Switcheo Weekly Round Up #19

  • Exchange Upgrades

    This week, we performed a database upgrade to enhance the exchange performance and ensure the future scalability of our systems. With the upgrade, we improved the p99 latencies of our API request by a factor of ten.

    Users will now experience shorter loading time and better order-making response time on Switcheo Exchange.

    BOLT Global TGE

    Our partner, BOLT Global will be conducting the public contribution round of their token generation event (TGE) on 29th — 30th Aug 2018.

    If you are participating in the TGE, please remember to update your NEO address and pledged amountby 26th Aug 2018. Contribution for this TGE can be done on Switcheo Exchange. More details will be released shortly.

    BOLT tokens will be listed on 11th Sept 2018 on Switcheo Exchange upon unlocking of tokens.

    SwitcheoDRAW Winners

    We announced the first batch of SwitcheoDRAW winners this week. Congratulations to the 20 lucky participants who have won themselves some nifty Switcheo goods!

    All winners of SwitcheoDRAW have been contacted by the Switcheo Team.

    If you haven’t already entered the contest, find out how you can stand a chance to win our Switcheo merchandise by referring your friends & family to try out Switcheo Exchange here.

    Token Listings

    Guardium (GUARD)

    From 24th Aug 2018, Guardium holders using Switcheo Exchange will be able to trade GUARD with NEO, GAS and the Switcheo Token (SWTH) instantly.

    Other Updates You May Have Missed:

    V1 API Deprecation Notice

    We have deprecated our V1 API today (24 Aug), as previously announced. If you are a user or market aggregator that have not migrated to our public V2 API,please do so immediately.

    Delisting of Zeepin (ZPT) Tokens

    Due to the Zeepin MainNet launch, Switcheo Exchange will be delisting Zeepin (ZPT) tokens on 24th Aug 2018 at 6pm (UTC+8). Trading and deposits of ZPT tokens will be halted at this time.

    Users who have open orders under ZPT trading pairs will still be able to cancel their orders. Likewise, withdrawal of ZPT tokens from the exchange interface will continue to be available.

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