Red Pulse Bi-Weekly Report 2018.08.20

  • Red Pulse Bi-Weekly Report 2018.08.20 — Red Pulse PHX Token Swap Complete, Further Testing of Staking

    We’re back with another edition of the Red Pulse Bi-Weekly Report. After months of development, build up, and promotion, we can finally announce the completion of the Phoenix token swap. Users can now go back to trading PHX as normal, though we’ve decided to hold off on launching staking, deposits, and withdrawals on to add further security features. Those are now scheduled to go live on August 27.


    PHX Token Swap Complete

    The PHX token swap is officially complete. All users should have received a PHX airdrop to their wallets if they held RPX off of an exchange, and all users should’ve had their RPX swapped out for PHX if they held it on an exchange.

    Please note that if you are using a wallet such as NEON, Aphelion, NEO-GUI, or 03, you may need to update your wallet to the latest version or add in the PHX script hash (1578103c13e39df15d0d29826d957e85d770d8c9) in order to view your PHX.

    Staking Postponed Until August 27 for Further Testing and Additional Security

    We know many of you have been waiting patiently for the launch of staking, deposits, and withdrawals on the Red Pulse platform on August 20, however we’ve decided to postpone these updates until August 27.

    Deposits with SMS-based 2FA have already been deployed to internal staff for testing for quite some time, but due to community feedback we are now in the process of implementing Authy and Google Authenticator as well, in addition to other security features. Better to have as strong of a security protocol and framework as possible, especially with anything concerning user funds and assets.

    We apologize for this delay and thank you for your patience and continued support.


    Jonathan Ha Interview with Crypto Lingo

    CEO Jonathan Ha had an interview with Crypto Lingo, the official media partner of the Beyond Blocks Seoul Summit. Jonathan gives an overview Red Pulse and Phoenix, shared some valuable insights about blockchain, and crypto industry these days.

    Check out the video here:

    PHX Token swap featured in NEWSBTC

    NEWSBTC, one of the leading cryptocurrency and blockchain media sources, recently featured Red Pulse and talked about our token swap and PHX.

    Check out the video here:

    RPX listed in Coins to Watch by CoinCodex

    RPX was listed on the list of “Coins to Watch” by CoinCodex in August. Check out the article below for their analysis on Red Pulse.

    Coins To Watch August 13 - August 19, 2018 | Coincodex


    Recap of Quiz Night #2

    We hosted Quiz Night #2 on the Red Pulse Telegram on August 10th, and had an amazing turnout. We got 25 winners this time, receiving 200 PHX each. We’ll be making Quiz Nights a regular event, so be sure to join our official Telegram channel ( if you’d like to chill with the Red Pulse Phoenix community and earn PHX prizes.

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