What is Equity Token?

  • Equity Tokens are poised to become a fundamental part of the future Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) as they offer start-ups the ability to enter the financial markets which would otherwise be hard. However, the issue surrounding the issuance of Equity Tokens remains to be the regulations which are yet to be finalised through a recent bill passed by Delaware allowing companies to store the names of their shareholders in Blockchains allows Blockchain-based stock trading.

    Blockchain App Factory, a pioneer in the field of ICO development, has marked its entry in the private equity space. Our innovative Private Equities offer a new platform for investors and redistribute a company’s assets. Blockchain provides security, low transaction cost, and equity space in the platform.  Another cardinal point is the development of STOs in your own blockchain, thereby providing full control to the companies. This advertently reduces the gas prices or changes in protocols. A platform for seamless crowdfunding opportunities powered with blockchain to reshape the investment world by creating new opportunities in the market.