Switcheo Weekly Round Up #18

  • Switcheo Exchange X O3 Wallet

    Great news to all O3 wallet users — the first phase of integration with O3 landed earlier this week! You can now trade on Switcheo Exchange directly through the dApp browser on your O3 wallet.

    Here’s a tutorial video showing the integration in action!


    With this integration, O3 wallet users will have the added convenience of being able to trade on their mobile phones from the O3 wallet app.

    On top of that, users will now have the added confidence and security of not having to handle their raw private keys directly. Furthermore, the private key is never exposed to the site, reducing possible security attack vectors. The dApp browser signs each transaction and only returns the signature for each request, instead of exposing user private keys.

    Finally, as the O3 app takes users directly to their curated list of authentic dApps such as Switcheo Exchange, users can be confident that they did not access a phishing site, by accidentally clicking on phishing links or mistyping web addresses.

    The integration with O3’s dApp browser marks the completion of the first phase of our collaboration. The next development stage will include a full native integration of Switcheo Exchange within the O3 ecosystem using the Switcheo Exchange APIs. This will be made available in a future update on both the O3 mobile wallet and desktop app (which is coming very soon).

    To find out more about our partnership with O3, click here.

    Downtime Post-Mortem

    Our CEO, Ivan Poon, has published an article which sheds more light on the recent downtimes, some happenings within the NEO ecosystem, and elaborate on the engineering efforts at Switcheo.

    To find out more about the update, click here.

    Bridge Protocol Pro-Trading Competition

    Pro-trading competition with our partner, Bridge Protocol has started!

    Trade TOLL tokens on Switcheo Exchange from 17th August, 10:00 SGT to 26th August 2018 23:59 SGT(+8 UTC) and stand a chance to win from a prize pool of 1,000,000 TOLL!

    Your total trading volume in this competition will be updated in real-time so visit ourleaderboard to check out your ranking against other traders!

    Please note that sign-ups are required to participate in this trading event.


    There is just one more week till we announce the first batch of winners for SwitcheoDRAW!

    Join our giveaway contest now and win Switcheo engraved Ledger Nano Sand other exclusive Switcheo merchandise!

    To view all of V2 Extravaganza events, click here.

    Removal of Token Swap Tab (SWH → SWTH)

    Please note that our Token Swaptab on Switcheo Exchange will be removed to make way for other features on 31st Aug 2018 SGT (UTC+8).

    Tokens can still be swapped after that time by sending them to the burn address: AHiewWqeQByNX5a6VCkqiTR9tgYfDqMWY7.

    *Please do not send the wrong tokens as the team has no control over that address.

    We strongly encourage all SWH holders to swap their tokens to SWTH in order to resume trading and enjoy the discounted fees on Switcheo Exchange V2.

    Other updates you may have missed

    Delisting of Zeepin (ZPT) Tokens

    Due to the Zeepin mainnet launch, Switcheo Exchange will be delisting Zeepin (ZPT) tokens on 24th Aug 2018 at 6pm SGT (UTC+8). Trading and deposits of ZPT will be halted at this time.

    Users who have open orders under ZPT trading pairs will still be able to cancel their orders. Likewise, withdrawal of ZPT tokens from the exchange interface will continue to be available.

    RPX to PHX Token Swap

    Red Pulse recently conducted their token swap earlier this week. All RPX token holders should have received a 1:1 of PHX tokens if they held RPX in their wallet balance.

    Please contact us at [email protected]if you had RPX tokens in V1.5 or V1 contract balances or open orders. To find out more about the token swap, click here.

    Switcheo Exchange Will List Red Pulse Phoenix (PHX)

    We are happy to announce that the new Red Pulse Phoenix (PHX) will be listed on Switcheo Exchange on 19th August, 12pm SGT (UTC+8)!

    Remember to use SWTH tokens to enjoy 50% discount on your trading fees!

    For more information on Switcheo, visit the following links:
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