ZEEPIN Newsletter — Progress of the past month

  • Zeepin Chain will GO LIVE on August 31.

    Zeepin Chain is a decentralized public chain catering for creative industries as well as entertainment industries. To serve the creative industries, it’s dedicated to providing a solution that will create a fair and transparent, efficient landscape in a way to benefit all creatives. In order to revolutionize then entertainment industries as well, Zeepin Chain, is also capable of incorporating various entertainment related assets and systems based on any third party. With the integration of in-system and third-party gaming assets, a free trading market and exchange platform can be developed.

    ZEEPIN launching GalaCloud Distributive Encryption Storage Network

    A variety of noticeable advantages featuring GalaCloud that can not only clear out entrenched data security issues remaining unsolved in centralized storage system, but also pave the way to innovative economic model and applications. GalaCloud is a distributed encryption storage network, a key component of the Zeepin ecosystem. It provides a distributed storage space and service, which is one of the indispensable infrastructures of Zeepin public chain. Furthermore, it will help Gala coin to reach its greatest extension.

    Operation Progress

    Zeepin Chain:

    1. Zeepin Chain has redesigned its official website to impress the masses as a customized ecosystem for the creative industries to thrive.

    2. Zeepin Chain tech white paper has been released, elaborating on the framework and strategy behind Zeepin’s commitment to “enabling the digitization and circulation of assets across the entire creative value chain”.


    1. GalaCloud official website comes live with introduction about GalaCloud, detailed rules for GalaHub node selection, GalaBox crowdfunding and other first-hand news.

    2. GalaCloud white paper was launched, including detailed introduction of a suite of innovative solution to data security and ownership.

    3. Zeepin Chain also released “GalaCloud incentive model”in order to incentivize nodes participated in GalaHub selection.

    4. The early-bird stage for GalaBox crowdfunding has exceeded its target goal within 24 hours. To reward early ZPT holders, GalaBox will be obtainable for free as long as certain amount of ZPT locked up for 18 months. The second stage is scheduled to begin on August 18th 2PM UTC. In case it will be postponed due to NEP-5 wallet maintenance, we will update you accordingly.

    5. Galahub node selection is ongoing. 20% of a total revenue of GalaCloud will be distributed to all GalaHub nodes while Gala equivalent of 10 times ZPT mortgage will be gifted to those nodes as well. Come and get your Gala!


    1. 382 planets have been released and over 9700 players from 112 countries have participated in CryptoGalaxy within 16-week stretch after its official launch. In addition, more than 5.5 million Gala has been generated;

    2. In latest CryptoGalaxy V1.5, wallet function is added that allows ZPT and Gala deposit in user’s favors. A prize pool filled with 150,000 Gala on a daily basis is available for ZPT holders! More ZPT deposited, more Gala rewarded!

    dApp Development


    ZeeRights V1.0.1 has completed with new features.

    ZeeRights V1.0.2 has completed product design that includes institutional ID identification, copy registration in bulk, after-sale service and other user-friendly functionalities.


    Closed-beta tests for CryptoGalaxy beta V1.5 has ended up with impressively positive comments from community testers. It’s been online since the beginning of August.


    ZeeWallet is under development for enabling node selection. In updated version, users can expect more intelligent functions allowing swap between TestNet and MainNet as well as staking ZPT to mine Gala.

    Stay tuned for more details,

    ZEEPIN team


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