Switcheo Lists Red Pulse Phoenix (PHX)

  • In lieu of a successful token swap, we are excited to announce that Red Pulse Phoenix (PHX) will be listed on Switcheo Exchange!

    To find out more about the token swap, click here.

    Red Pulse Phoenix (PHX) will be listed on the Switcheo Exchange on 19th August at 12pm SGT (UTC + 8), allowing users to trade PHX with NEO, GAS and Switcheo Token (SWTH) instantly.

    About Red Pulse:

    Over 7,000 users from companies like Bloomberg, Accenture, and Z-Ben Advisors access Phoenix’s market research through a web-based platform, app, and trading terminals. Phoenix’s daily China markets newsletter is subscribed to by over 60,000 financial professionals.

    Phoenix was founded in 2015 by Jonathan Ha, Stanley Chao, and Peter Alexander. Together, the founding team has a combined 50 years of experience in industries such as management consulting and finance. The team has since grown to an organization of over 40 people, with employees hailing from all parts of the world.

    Find out more about Phoenix here:

    Website | Twitter | GitHub | LinkedInYouTube

    About Switcheo Network:

    Switcheo Network is a Decentralised Exchange currently built on the NEO blockchain that facilitates the exchange of digital assets including NEO’s system assets (NEO, GAS) and NEP-5 tokens. We aim to achieve a DEX network with cross-chain swapping capabilities between all the popular blockchains such as QTUM (QRC20) and Ethereum (ERC20), and research is being done for up and coming blockchains such as Zilliqa and EOS.

    We are focused on delivering an intuitive trading experience with minimal fees, without compromising the benefits of having complete control and custody of users’ funds at all times through a trustless and decentralized trading environment.

    Thank you for supporting Switcheo Network.

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