What makes Zeepin Chain mainNet different from other Blockchains

  • We’re in the final stages of preparing the launch of Zeepin Chain on August 31.

    Focusing on our core product is especially important at a time when the overwhelming majority of startups fail to deliver on their ICO promises. To bring clear use cases to the market, Zeepin Chain is designed around one idea: building a distributed economy for the creative industries.

    It’s an ambitious project that requires both technical expertise and design thinking. Our main focus since the beginning has been on real-world solutions that can improve the lives of entrepreneurs, innovators, authors, and other creators in this very moment.

    Something people can pick up and build on top of, without any social or technological barriers.

    Now that we’ve had months of experimentation with development, it’s time for us to launch our own public blockchain. We always knew that Zeepin will be running on its own chain, so it didn’t come as a surprise for anyone involved.

    Now that the development roadmap is clear, we can talk about the upcoming Zeepin Chain MainNet and how it’s different from other Smart Contract and dApp solutions in today’s market.

    Practical approach to creativity

    Zeepin Chain is built to accelerate the spreading of value in the creative industries. To make sense of this, we have to take a step back and understand the main challenges when it comes to Blockchain and Smart Contracts in the first place: doubt and uncertainty.

    Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and content creators can’t afford to hire specialized Blockchain developers for their projects, it’s a difficult case to make economically. Let’s say an artist wants to have a simple Smart Contract written, in which people who help fund her creative endeavors will get a special edition gift copy of the new artwork once it’s out.

    Handling this through a Smart Contract will get rid of friction between her and her audience as well as make sure she doesn’t have the overhead of paying for third party solutions. This will also help resolve potential copyright disputes once the artwork is out.

    So it all sounds pretty good in theory. But who does she talk to about this?

    Developing a seemingly simple solution like this will cost our artist a lot and might not even bring the intended results in the end. Blockchain platforms in today’s market are byzantine in terms of interface, programming languages, and user interaction.

    Specialists are hard to find, auditing services are expensive, and the learning curve is steep. Then even if she manages to get this contract written, building the functionality into her website is going to be a whole separate story. Most integrations simply aren’t there yet.

    Smart Contracts aren’t an everyday commodity, despite many companies working on platforms that host and enforce specific types of these contracts for niche industries.

    Reality is, Blockchain development in 2018 is something only IT companies and startups are capable of. Those with access to specialized programming talent are the only ones who can make decentralized applications (dApps).

    There’s no solution for someone like our artist — which is where Zeepin Chain comes in.

    Trends in creative entrepreneurship

    Work doesn’t seem to fit into traditional offices any longer. Over 35% of the workforce in the USA alone consists of freelancers today. The number of economically self-reliant people is growing every year, and so does the demand for services tailored specifically for them, including Blockchain solutions.

    The artist in the above example isn’t alone.

    Millions of creatives who make their living on the internet shouldn’t need deep technical expertise to bring value into the world. Individual freelancers, small teams, ambitious startups, and so on — neither of them have to rely on expensive specialists to improve their business with Blockchain.

    These entrepreneurs will benefit greatly from offering their products, services, and solutions via Smart Contracts. They deserve simple and reliable access to dApps to make asset management, copyright, funding, and identity verifications affordable and accessible.

    All of these activities currently come with a massive overhead, especially if you consider that they’re done routinely by millions of people every day.

    So a more efficient distributed economy puts millions of dollars back into the hands of creators. Put simply, we’re launching Zeepin Chain to help such individuals leverage Blockchain solutions in their daily work.

    Zeepin doesn’t claim to be the first or best Blockchain for building dApps — we aren’t in competition with Ethereum, EOS, or other solutions out there. Our core purpose is different.

    Zeepin Chain is built for:

    • Asset mapping for cultural, creative, entertainment, and other purposes.

    • Simple access, our APIs (development interfaces) can easily integrate Smart Contracts into traditional environments like websites, apps, and so on.

    • Verification of all assets and businesses for security and copyright purposes.

    • Democratic Autonomy. Zeepin Galaxy Consensus mechanism already governs the chain in Crypto Galaxy — the first of many upcoming apps and games on the platform.

    We aim to make Blockchain daily use and development a simple feat. Any entrepreneur can easily start incorporating Blockchain solutions into their business just like they were learning to use internet marketing when content management systems such as Wordpress became available.

    How Zeepin Chain Works

    As mentioned above, Zeepin Blockchain is governed by the Galaxy Consensus that relies on democratically autonomous Galaxy nodes. You can learn more about this in the technology whitepaper, for the purposes of this article it’s enough to understand that the consensus is designed to provide fast and reliable transactions as well as fend off any attacks on the distributed ledger.

    For Smart Contract and dApp development**,** Zeepin Chain allows users work with mainstream programming languages such as C++, Java, C#, Python, Javascript. This significantly cuts costs and empowers non-developers to take advantage of the technology without the need for highly specialized programmers and outside experts.

    Application interfaces also allow development houses and studios to easily bring their own solutions into being. Through API and SDK, they have access to all our key modules and validation systems. Game developers will also benefit from custom modules — Zeepin Chain is designed with crypto-assets and decentralized games in mind.

    Mapping protocols for assets are another important part of the system, they can manage both digital items as well as off-chain physical ones. After encoding the asset into Zeepin Chain, users can manage the rights of ownership, usage, obligations of escrow, etc.

    This puts the copyright and control of information back into the hands of creators; provides a variety of mechanisms to sell or distribute content. In order to achieve such a feat, we had to go deeper into the economics of data ownership.

    Current cloud systems simply didn’t work for our data storage needs, they rely too much on service providers and can therefore be easily controlled and tampered with.

    We had to think of something else.

    GalaCloud Storage System

    Ultimately, we devised a Blockchain-based cloud storage solution and made it a major part of Zeepin Chain. Data is the lifeblood of all our online activities, so we had to go all the way into making our solution complete and accessible for the end user.

    This is how GalaCloud came about. It’s the Zeepin way of doing distributed data ownership.

    The idea is simple: encrypted data is stored on GalaBox devices and then dispatched by the GalaHub control notes to where it’s been requested. All the Box owners and Hub operators receive rewards in Gala tokens for maintaining the system.

    It’s why our chain has a dual token economy where ZPT holders gradually unlock Gala that can later be used for utility purposes. It may sound like a complicated idea initially, but once the economic ambition behind Zeepin Chain becomes clear, everything else falls into place.

    Zeepin aims to be a one-stop Blockchain solution for the creators out there, and this means transforming the entire value chain. From the ground up and going step by step. Data and asset ownership are the first steps, Smart Contracts and on-chain agreement settlements come after — sky is the limit from there.

    There’s no doubt in our minds that amazing entrepreneurs and developers will come up with solutions nobody else could see coming when they’re free to create on top of this infrastructure.

    To illustrate this with a simple example: someone can keep their artwork securely encrypted in the GalaCloud, call on it as they see fit and then easily sell it based off a Zeepin Smart Contract.

    And hey, if they want to do something more complex, they can also escrow the artwork until the buyer clears some requirements. Or they transfer the copyright to a movie company in exchange for a cameo in one of the scenes.

    The possibilities are endless, especially when new solutions and applications can be developed in a matter of days while using traditional programming languages. In the meantime, all the assets will be encrypted in the GalaCloud, making data theft a fruitless activity with little to no reward.

    To ensure a smooth launch of the distributed cloud storage, we’re giving away GalaBoxes to early adopters for free and accepting candidates to run GalaHub nodes in exchange for up to 10x returns on their token mortgage.

    You can find more details about the technology and campaign here: https://medium.com/@zeepin/galacloud-distributive-encrypted-data-storage-network-by-zeepin-16caac88be22


    There’s a need for Blockchain solution that can be easily picked up and used by entrepreneurs, small business owners, and content creators in today’s market.

    Creative entrepreneurship is becoming a way of life for more people with each passing year. This is why Zeepin Chain is specifically designed to take on the role of a user-friendly, accessible Blockchain platform and transform the economy as it currently stands.

    To gradually prepare the market for transition, we’re populating Zeepin Chain with essential dApps that you can learn about here. We’re looking to remove doubt and uncertainty from the market of Blockchain-based applications.

    This is why the ease of use is crucial for our chain, with transparent digital asset ownership being equally important. To address both of these points, we came up with a distributed cloud storage system called GalaCloud and devised a dual token economy between ZPT and Gala tokens.

    Making Smart Contracts for a creative business should be as easy as using a social media account or writing a blog post. With Zeepin Chain and dApp suite, it soon will be.

    We’ll be in touch with our community every day to make sure the launch is a smooth sailing. You can also join our telegram channel if you want to always be up to speed on the latest announcements.

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