PHX Airdrop Completed!

  • The Red Pulse team would like to announce that the PHX airdrop has been completed. You should now be able to see PHX in your NEO address when checking it on a NEO blockchain explorer. If you’re checking on a wallet, you may need to update it to the latest version or add in the PHX script hash ( 1578103c13e39df15d0d29826d957e85d770d8c9). If you were holding RPX on an exchange, your RPX will transition over to PHX automatically over the next couple of days.

    Trading, deposits, and withdrawals should commence on all exchanges by August 19 (please check with individual exchanges for exact time and date), and we have staking scheduled to launch on August 20.

    We’d like to thank our community for their tremendous support, and cannot wait to share details on what’s coming next!

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