Announcement: Launch of ZEEPIN MainNet and Mapping of ZPT and Gala

  • Zeepin MainNet is scheduled to launch on August 31st. Zeepin Public Chain, designed to strengthen the infrastructure, digitize the assets and enable a smooth circulation of asset globalization for cultural and creative industries, is committed to creating an ecosystem to lead the entire value chain.

    ZPT and Gala, as underlying native coins of Zeepin Chain, play different roles in Zeepin ecosystem. While ZPT works as a medium for asset exchange, Gala is a utility coin that can be used to cover network consumption and fuel applications. ZPT and Gala, currently running under NEP-5 of NEO, will be written into the genesis block in preparation for the launch of MainNet. Once the MainNet is officially online, ZPT and Gala will be mapped from NEP-5 to Zeepin MainNet.

    Block height of mapping : 2670670 ( It is estimated between August 28th & 29th, depending on the real-time block height). The mapping will be completed around September 5th.

    ZPT and Gala holders can follow guidelines as below to proceed:

    1. If a user stores his assets in NEP-5 wallet, he can access his ZPT and Gala mapped into MainNet via ZeeWallet without doing anything, just using private key to access the new ZeeWallet.

    2. Users who have stored ZPT in exchanges that support the token immigration don’t need to anything.

    Here are the exchanges that will support token swap: KuCoin, Gate, Lbank.

    Those users who store ZPT in other exchanges must transfer ZPT to above 3 exchanges or any NEP-5 wallet, or otherwise it will be irretrievable after that block height.

    3. For any one who stores ZPT in cold wallet and can’t access the private key, in order to get mapped token from MainNet, he must transfer his token from cold wallet to NEP-5 wallet with a backup private key, or transfer to above exchanges, prior to block 2670670;

    4. ZPT and Gala that are previously staked or locked up for participation in CryptoGalaxy, GalaHub and GalaBox will be readily accessible to users. Token deposit will be suspended when block height of 2670670 is reached.

    A timeline of key dates:

    • August 28: Block height of mapping is 2670670, It is estimated between August 28th & 29th, depending on the real-time block height.* August 31st: Starting of a genesis node by Zeepin Foundation, assets written into the genesis block and official launch of MainNet;* September 5th: Completion of mapping (processed by system automatically);* September 6th: Users can activate assets stored in ZeeWallet via the original private key;* September 10th: Start rehearsal for node competition on TestNet. All ZPT holders can register for node application through official light wallet ZeeWallet. Consensus Nodes, Candidate Nodes and Backup Nodes will be selected through voting by all ZPT holders.* October 10th: MainNet Nodes selection;* November 5th: Release of the first batch of 51 selected nodes; A galaxy consensus network composed of selected nodes will be formed;* November 10th: Consensus will be transferred from the genesis node to the galaxy consensus network while a block will be generated accordingly. Zeepin foundation will remove the genesis node;

    Stay tuned with us for more details.

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