Zeepin Community Update — Zeepin Chain White Paper, Website Redesign and GalaBox new timeline

  • Hi Zeepiners,

    As you have probably already noticed, last 10 days were very busy for all of us at Zeepin. We cincerely hope that you are amazed by our latest announcements and activities. We will not stop here but will continue to share the latest updates with all of you.

    Hereby, we are happy to let you know that we redesigned our Zeepin.io website and released the Zeepin Chain technology white paper.


    Zeepin Chain is a decentralized public chain catering for creative industries as well as entertainment industries. To serve the creative industries, it’s dedicated to providing a solution that will create a fair, transparent,and efficient landscape in a way to benefit all creatives. In order to revolutionize then entertainment industries as well, Zeepin Chain, is also capable of incorporating various entertainment related assets and systems based on any third party. With the integration of in-system and third-party gaming assets, a free trading market and exchange platform can be developed.

    Zeepin Chain will be providing core protocols concerning distributed ID authentication, distributed data storage, smart contract and consistency.

    By using a unified smart contract, Zeepin Chain is able to abstract the realization and interaction of underlying virtual machine, so as to provide an abstract protocol enabled by a pluggable smart contract. In addition, consistency in a distributed system ensures the reliability and validity of underlying data.

    ZEEPIN Chain Technology White Paper: https://bit.ly/2OoVvN1

    GalaBox crowdfunding new timeline

    First of all, we would like to thank and congratulate all of you that successfully locked-up your ZPTs in our GalaBox crowdfunding or in our GalaHub selection campaigns. We are very thankful to have such an active community that is willing to become a part of our network.

    In 24 hours, we managed to lock-up more than 2,4 million ZPTs and reached more than 85% of our goal. We wish that even more users will apply in the future.

    Nevertheless, some users experienced issues with the display of their locked ZPTs. We just want to assure you that this is only a display issue, your ZPTs are safe and locked. Once the bug is fixed, your order will be shown as a success.

    In order to enhance the user experience, add translations and strengthen the promotion, we decided to push back the second stage of the campaign. The new schedule is as follows:

    2nd Round: August 16th 2PM UTC — August 20th 2PM UTC; Lock-up 5250 ZPT for 18 months

    3rd Round: August 21st 2PM UTC — August 25th 2PM UTC; Lock-up 5500 ZPT for 18 months

    In the upcoming week, we will improve the performance of the website and will make sure that the word about GalaCloud will expand outside of the borders of our community.

    If you still havent decided whether to get your own GalaBox or not, this video made by our Joa and Anze might convince you to apply for one yourself.

    Apply for GalaBox or GalaHub now: https://galacloud.io


    For those experiencing issues in the new version of CryptoGalaxy, we just want to assure you that we are already looking for solutions to those problems. If you have a specific problem within CryptoGalaxy or with applying for a GalaBox, please contact Anze through Telegram (https://t.me/AnzeNocZeepin).

    Stay tuned for more details.

    ZEEPIN Team


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