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  • At Zeepin Foundation, we’re developing a distributed new economy for creative industries.

    It might sound abstract, but over the course of developing our chain and dApps, we’ve managed to design glimpses into this new economy. It’s swiftly becoming a reality soon to be explored by Zeepiners.

    This article will provide a way for those who hold both large and small amounts of ZPT to benefit from our discoveries, so if you are one — make sure to read to the end.

    We actively work on real solutions and products, making us one of the few Blockchain companies that have something to show to our community.

    So our vision propels us and our industry forward. But in order to develop it, we had to dig to the very foundations of what an economy even is, digital or otherwise.

    The Future of Data

    We started from a blank slate, completely re-imagined the established way of doing things. Our way of thinking is simple: «What’s in the way of the creators currently and how can we help?».

    This is what most of our dApps will boil down to, and we decided to announce GalaCloud among all others. We believe that a distributed storage network based on GalaBox and GalaHub nodes will be crucial for the new economy.

    There is a good reason for this.

    GalaCloud provides a way of handling the lifeblood of any digital ecosystem: data. If creators aren’t in control of their own data, no amount of decentralization is ever going to solve the problems that plague the industry.

    Current cloud storage services can’t ever be in line with our mission, because they’re controlled by third-party systems and organizations. This means that until we solve the problem of centralized data storage, service providers will be the real owners of everything uploaded to the cloud.

    GalaCloud is crucial for Zeepin Chain and our vision of a better economic environment for the creative industries.

    You can read more about GalaCloud here:

    Because we understand the importance of this decision, we decided to put the fate of the system into the hands of our community. This is why we want Zeepiners to decide how GalaCloud is going to look like by voting with their ZPTs.

    All we can do is make our case and provide an amazing value proposition to early adopters.

    GalaBox Crowdfunding Campaign

    GalaBoxes are the backbone of the GalaCloud storage system, basically its operation nodes. They’re encrypted storage devices that store shards of information uploaded by users. GalaBoxes can back up files and pick up instructions from the rest of the system. They provide rewards in Gala for successfully reading or writing data.

    GalaBoxes are crucial for smooth operation of GalaCloud and make up the main pillars for the new distributed data storage system. This is why we decided to make them available for early adopters among Zeepiners and other interested parties.

    GalaBoxes come free, if users agree to lock their ZPTs in storage for 18 months.

    We have a total of 10,000 GalaBoxes to distribute through the first stage of crowdfunding.

    So we’re asking ZPT holders who share our vision and understand the value of this device to vote with your tokens. This will both help us create a better product and secure your place in the GalaBox distribution process.

    All GalaBoxes will be sent to their new owners during Q1 2019. This is one of the announcements we’ve been preparing for in the past few months, and we hope Zeepiners are as excited as we are.

    In fact, we’re so happy with this idea that we decided to do a secret, early distribution phase.

    August 8th 10 pm GMT+8 only for 24 hours, there’s early Bird offer for the GalaBox.

    During these 24 hours, you only lock up 4999 ZPTs for a GalaBox.

    The rest of GalaBox distribution will happen in three phases:

    • Phase 1: Aug 12th — 15th. Price: 5250 ZPTs locked in storage for 18 months.

    • Phase 2: Aug 16th — 20th. Price: 5500 ZPTs locked in storage for 18 months.

    • Phase 3: Aug 21st-25th Price: 5750 ZPTs locked in storage for 18 months.

    But only for 24 hours, you only lock up 4999 ZPTs for a GalaBox.

    Don’t make this commitment unless you really do want to receive a GalaBox. This offer is for dedicated Zeepiners — those who share our vision for products with real world use cases.

    To take advantage, simply commit your ZPTs by following instructions on the GalaCloud website that will be released when campaign starts.

    GalaBoxes are a crucial part of GalaCloud service and function as main nodes for distributing and storing data, but you might be wondering where they get signals from and how. Let’s explore this.

    GalaHub Selection Process

    GalaHub nodes are like dispatch centers of GalaCloud. They configure storage space and enable searching for addresses, make sure all devices offer high-performance bandwidth. If GalaBoxes are the backbone of the network, then GalaHub nodes are the sensory organs — eyes, ears, etc.

    They help coordinate the data storage network and help us reach the goal of creating a new digital economy by working as network servers.

    This, once again, is where Zeepin community comes in.

    We want to create an honest and fair solution to the data storage control mechanisms in the current system. This can only be done with the support of our current and future users.

    GalaHub presents an opportunity to be a big part of the GalaCloud system and become one of such dispatchers, helping direct streams of data in the distributed network. You could set up one of the servers and receive substantial returns in Gala tokens when the application is in use.

    Much like with GalaBoxes, participation only requires locking up ZPTs in storage for a period of 18 months. The minimum amount for GalaHub operators is 400,000 ZPT in storage.

    49 participants will be selected between August 8th and Aug 25th to become GalaHub operators and support the distributed network. This is a serious commitment, which is why in return we promise significant returns in Gala and continuous earning potential with GalaCloud.

    Starting as much as 10 times the amount of your ZPT investment in Gala.

    You can find more details and apply through GalaCloud website that will be launched once campaign starts.

    As always, we’re looking for dedicated Zeepiners inspired to create a new economy for the creative industries. Hopefully how it looks like became much clearer after this glimpse behind the scenes.

    Data ownership happens to be our priority right now, to create a stable and reliable ecosystem but we have much more to come. You brought us closer to realizing this vision than we ever were, and we look forward to being in touch with you every day.

    We have a lot to learn from you, Zeepiners.

    Thank you for all the support so far, this is just the beginning.

    ZEEPIN Team




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