• They recently cancelled their entire crowd sale. They already reached (or almost reached) their hard cap through their private sale and presale, a big chunk of tokens reserved for the crowd sale are now put into an airdrop (for presale participants only) and a bounty program (still running at the moment). Their bounty is not your typical bounty, it is purely focused on getting a bigger community (so not simply plugging the project, but actually getting involved).

    They are now wrapping up their ICO. After the bounty has finished all tokens will be distributed. I expect pretty good exchanges soon after, but as usual nothing has been disclosed yet. Uchain is starting to pick up some nice hype, so maybe they are listed at one of the bigger exchanges (if needed, they have the budget for that).

    Here's a nice recap of the project: https://steemit.com/blockchain/@mrblueberry/restoring-trust-and-preventing-data-abuse-in-the-sharing-economy-with-uchain