Switcheo Weekly Round-Up #16

  • Switcheo X O3 Collaboration

    In this week’s round up, we would like to give you an update on our collaboration with O3 Labs, which will consist two distinct phases.

    Phase 1 — dApp Browser Integration

    O3 is developing a dApp browser within the O3 wallet app which will allow users to securely interact with various dApp platforms on the NEO blockchain. Users will be able to “login” to the dApp and perform transactions without exposing or copying their private keys into the browser. Signing of transactions will be done by the wallet rather than the dApp, similar to how a secure hardware device works.

    Switcheo Exchange will be the first dApp to be integrated with this dApp browser. This first phase is almost complete, and will be available within the next weeks!

    Phase 2 — API Integration

    The second phase of collaboration will be a full and seamless native integration of Switcheo Exchange within the O3 platform. This will come in a future O3 mobile wallet update, and will also be available with the O3 desktop wallet. With this integration, O3 wallet users will be able to trade NEO-based tokens with zero friction directly from their wallets, without ever needing to access Switcheo Exchange.

    Switcheo x Travala.com Pro-Trading Competition

    The pro-trading competition with our partner, Travala.com has also started! Trade AVA tokens on Switcheo Exchange from 3rd to 12th August 2018, 23:59 SGT and stand a chance to win from a prize pool of 50,000 AVA.

    Do note that sign-ups are required to participate in this trading event. Your total trading volume in this competition is also updated in real-time so visit ourleaderboard to check out your ranking against other traders!

    Token Listings

    This week we listed two new tokens: Master Contract Token (MCT) and Narrative (NRVE) are now available for trading on Switcheo Exchange.

    The announced token listings for next week so far are: Coupit (COUP) on 6th August, Monday at 12pm SGT.

    Remember to use SWTH tokens to enjoy 50% discount off your trading fees!

    Other Updates You May Have Missed:

    Switcheo Exchange Beta Bounty

    On 17th July, we initiated our first Beta Bounty to give our community members a glimpse of Switcheo Exchange V2. We have since concluded the event and awarded our testers over USD $7,800 in bounty rewards**.**

    SDT to SDS Token Swap Notice

    SDT conducted a token swap earlier this week. All SDT token holders should have received a one-to-one amount of SDS tokens in their wallets, regardless of whether their tokens were held in their wallets, in Switcheo Exchange contract balance, or in an open Switcheo Exchange order.

    If you had SDT tokens in Switcheo Exchange during the token swap event, the SDS tokens would have been sent from this address: ANw3Vhap8iF4HvgnyRVWgqCojSMzSq3GPr


    Thank you all for your wonderful submissions for SwitcheoFUN so far! Here are some outstanding entries that our team really liked.

    Credits: Kamal. E

    Credit: Jänis C.

    Credit: Mathijs V.

    10 participants with the highest amount of community votes will win a Switcheo engraved Ledger Nano S!

    Create your very own Switcheo stickers or GIFs to participate in SwitcheoFUN! You can also go to our voting platform to cast your votes on existing entries.

    Don’t forget other events in the V2 Extravaganza that we have, such as the Switcheo API Development contest and SwitcheoDRAW. For a full view of all events in V2 Extravaganza, visit our campaign page here.

    For more information on Switcheo, visit the following links:
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