GalaCloud — Distributive Encrypted Data Storage Network by Zeepin

  • Current status and pain points of today’s data cloud storage service

    The importance of data storage has become increasingly prominent with the development of the Internet and digitalization wave. Meanwhile, in recent years, data security has been an issue invariably challenging lots of major user data and cloud storage suppliers, which has given rise to loss of data owned by individuals and corporations.For example, the massive user data leakage of Facebook in March this year had a serious negative impact.

    At present, there are several pain points with the centralized cloud storage service: First, security threats. Since the vast majority of cloud storage suppliers are centralized, their vulnerabilities to safety threats and attacks have eventually led to data theft and loss. In addition, client encryption standards and centralized management private keys still cannot guarantee data confidentiality and security.

    Second is the data monopoly and vicious competition of large companies. Some companies use data analysis and sell the information to third parties for the purpose of profiting over user privacy. Data transactions lack transparency and users cannot truly gain complete data ownership and control.

    Third, users are faced with risks of service provider shutdown and operational suspension. This often happened in the past few years, causing hundreds of millions of users without option but to transfer data or faced data loss.

    Distributed storage, the future of cloud data storage

    Faced with the growing needs of cloud data storage and the widespread concerns over safety and privacy, the centralized data storage seems powerless to remove these obstacles. Here comes distributed storage, providing more reliable and effective solution.

    In a distributed storage network, users from all over the world rent out their hard disk space to form a decentralized network, in which each disk represents a node of the network. Files that clients upload will be encrypted, split into multiple shards, and stored in a network composed of a sheer number of distributed nodes. Compared with the traditional centralized data storage service, distributive cloud storage has features in high autonomy, anonymity, tamper-proof, low-cost, and fast speed. Users will have strict data security and privacy protection.

    GalaCloud Distributive Encrypted Storage Network by ZEEPIN

    GalaCloud is the distributive encrypted cloud storage system that ZEEPIN team has dedicated to build, which has noticeable advantages over the traditional solutions. Not only will it effectively safeguard data safety, but also has innovative meanings in its economic model as well as its connection with dApps.

    The GalaCloud project is supported by ZEEPIN Foudation. It is a key component in ZEEPIN’s ecosystem. Providing distributed storage space and service for the dApps, it is an indispensable part of ZEEPIN public chain infrastructure. Also, GALA will function as a shared proof of staking for GalaCloud, which will help Gala coin to reach its greatest extension of application.

    GalaCloud DESNet refers to the distributed storage system provided by GalaCloud, which is composed of a basketful of GalaHub nodes and GalaBox nodes. In the entire distributed storage network, GalaHub will perform to dispatch the sharding of files, searching for address in a way to coordinate all GalaBox(es). Storing the encrypted shards of files in client sides, GalaBox focuses on providing service for data shard storage, receiving requests for uploading and downloading and storing received encrypted files in its disk in a distributed way. GalaBox can be obtained through the crowdfunding issued by ZeeFund platform. Users can insert hard disk to join in distributed storage network for mining.

    Here are the main advantages of GalaCloud:

    • Distributed storage

    As it is distributed, it becomes a place free of centralized nodes where any third-party centralized system or organization will be unnecessary. It’s your call to decide when and where to upload or download files like texts, pictures, sound tracks or videos.

    • Safe and encrypted

    GalaCloud is decentralized and allows all files, being sharded and encrypted, to be stored in a distributed network. What’s more, dynamic copies will be simultaneously generated. You are the only owner of your data unless you share your private key with others.

    • Distributed autonomous network

    GalaCloud, on a basis of smart contract of Zeepin public chain, has adopted a set of standard management protocol to manage. As nodes will automatically operate in the network according to the standard protocol, trust based on centralized system is replaced by trust built on protocols. This is how an entirely autonomous network comes into being.

    • Disaster prevention(Attack-proof)

    All information, sharded and encrypted, will be stored in distributed network and travel to each distributed node of GalaBox. Shards generate Hash that will be automatically maintained by nodes. In case of sharding redundancy failing to make it to security threshold, new nodes will be generated and distributed to new data nodes. Users will keep their private keys to themselves. Data loss will never happen unless users delete data by themselves.

    GalaCloud, a key strategy for ZEEPIN’s ecological development

    GalaCloud is an innovation of ZEEPIN, well integrating data storage service and the sharing mode, which is mainly reflected in from mining revenue function. Users need to pay Gala for storage space according to the management protocol of GalaCloud. Gala earned from this will be distributed to each single node that provides storage service and space, i.e. GalaBox and GalaHub. That is to say, through renting out the hard disk space resources, global users get GALA coins, the cryptocurrecy reward; Accordingly, users can use GALA to upgrade the data storage service. This economic incentive model will greatly facilitate the circulating value and the diverse application scenarios of GALA.

    Another innovative feature of GalaCloud lies in its syncing with dApps in the ecosystem. In an era of a massive flow of blockchain-based applications, users are more demanding when it comes to data privacy and security. GalaCloud will be applying to ZEEPIN public chain as a blockchain-based infrastructure that can provide distributed storage and enable synchronization of data storage of mutiple dApps. For instance, source code storage of ZeeRights will be seamlessly connected to GalaCloud, in a move to provide distributed storage service that is secured and encrypted for the creatives.

    The GalaCloud whitepaper will be released tomorrow. In the coming weeks, ZEEPIN community team will also launch GalaHub application, GalaBox G1 crowdfunding and other exciting campaigns, in efforts to create a reliable and win-win distributed data cloud storage ecosystem.

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