PHOENIX Token Swap

  • Greetings from the Red Pulse Team.

    As announced during the unveiling of PHOENIX, we will be launching an upgraded infrastructure that is backed by a new token, PHX. We will be conducting a token swap in August, with RPX holders being given 1 PHX for every 1 RPX.

    The PHOENIX Report

    Token Swap Process

    The token swap process will be seamless, and does not require any extra effort on your end. As mentioned previously, you will receive 1 PHX for every 1 RPX. RPX will be deprecated following the token swap. The exact process will vary depending on whether you’re holding RPX on an exchange, or whether you’re holding RPX on your own wallet.

    RPX Held on Exchanges

    All of our partner exchanges will be supporting the token swap, so if you are currently holding RPX on an exchange, our RPX will be automatically changed to PHX. All exchanges will suspend RPX trading, withdrawals, and deposits on August 11 (CST, UTC +8), and will be distributing PHX between August 15–18. Each individual exchange will be making their own announcement as to the exact timing of their RPX token swap.

    RPX Held on Wallet

    If you are holding RPX outside of an exchange, on your own wallet and address that you control, we will be airdropping PHX into your address. A snapshot will be taken of RPX balances at a specified NEO blockchain blockheight, sometime between August 12–13. On August 14, will then airdrop 1 PHX for every 1 RPX you held at the time of the snapshot.

    Token Swap Schedule

    **July 16 **— adds PHX to explorer and wallet
    August 4 — NEON wallet adds PHX to wallet
    August 9 — All exchanges communicate RPX trading suspension coming up on Aug 11
    August 11 — All exchanges suspend RPX trading, withdrawals, and deposits
    **August 11 **— wallet deactivates RPX transfers
    August 12–13 — Snapshot taken of RPX balances, at a specified NEO blockchain blockheight
    August 14 — Airdrop of new PHX tokens
    August 15–18 — Exchanges distribute PHX tokens to previous RPX account holders
    **August 19 **— Exchanges commence PHX trading, deposits, and withdrawals

    Supported Exchanges

    All exchange partners will be supporting the RPX to PHX token swap. For a list of exchanges, please see below:

    • Binance
    • Huobi
    • Kucoin
    • Bitbns
    • TDAX
    • HitBTC
    • Switcheo
    • Coinrail

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